Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Fiftieth Lesson

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Lesson Number Fifty: Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

When we receive or give a gift, our impression for the gift to be special, is it should be tied with a bow. We feel so special receiving that kind of gift or feel so special giving someone a special gift. However, they say life is a gift. And if it's a gift it must be special. Is your life special? It depends on the person or on the situation. 

Sometimes, I could say my life is a gift. But there are also times when it seems to be not. Only one thing, I could be sure -- life is special. And it depends on us, on how we make it to be so.

When the going gets tough; when there seems to more of the problems than of the solutions; when the obstacles are higher than we could hurdle, our world eventually turns upside down. We wake up in the morning believing life is a mess, that there could be no beauty in it.

On one hand this happens more often. On the other hand, if we just allow life to be so -- come hail, come rain, come storm; everything would return back to normal when it is done and much more with a fresher view. It is always after we threw up when we realized that good things could sprout from negative events. We always wake up into a fresher environment after every storm and hail and rain. 

So no matter what, we always have to ride with the tide because nothing is permanent in this world. To remain strong in riding this tide, we have to nail down our faith in God. No matter what, He is always there for us ready to remind us that life is a gift.

Get happy!

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Ninth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Nine: Yield.

We always have to yield -- to authorities, to God. There is no need to fight or to get things our way always. When we want to come up with peaceful negotiations, we need to yield first before we could state our case. If we are to live orderly, we need to yield always.

Get happy!

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Eighth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Eight:  If you don't ask, you don't get.

Jesus said, "...seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and it shall be given to you.." How could  God know what it is we really want and need when even we, ourselves, could not specifically point out whatever it is we are asking?

We all have needs and wants. God is very much wiling to give it to us from His bounty. All we need is just ask. Even parents struggle to know what it is their crying babies want because of the inability of the baby to utter what is it they want. How could then our Heavenly Father not give us what we so ardently want?

If we then know what it is we want, it is by experience that I could say, we need first to pray to God if what we want is also His will for us before setting out on asking and getting what we want because not all that we want is in accordance with God's will for us. In order for things to flow smoothly and blissfully, it is really a must to pray. And when God answers our prayer, He then would give us what we ask with much blessings and in abundance.

Start asking and get happy!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Fifth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Five: The best is yet to come.

This is my prayer for today and for all the days that come in my life. I am not contented with the mediocrity of my present because it is the result of my mediocre thinking and mediocre prayers of the days past. Now that I am fully convinced of the greatness of God, and that I could make happen God's greatness in my life I now pray and believe that the best is yet to come in my life.
Try believe and thinking for yourself this way and you'll know the amount of happiness you will feel just by the thought of the best that is coming your way. It's so good. It's so nice. It's so beautiful. Try it. You will lose nothing.

Get happy!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Sixth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Six: No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

There is no one who can best carry our wounded or battered selves than us. If, for example the pain is too strong and heavy enough to carry, then we just have to give ourselves time to cry and withdraw from the world for a while. However, to rehabilitate ourselves for long is no longer healthy. There are responsibilities we have to carry and work need to be done, or even people to care for. So, no matter what, we just have to get up, dress up and show up. The pain will subside in its due time if we just allow it. Nature has designed it to be. We just have to be strong, for there is that hidden strength within us ready to be realized. Moreover, God is always there for us.  Who could be against us?

Get happy!

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Forth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Four: Envy is a waste of time.  You already have all you need.

I have a difficulty in relating to this because honestly, I do not have everything that other people have, and not all people have what I have, physically and materially speaking. But as to God my savior, the free air that I so infinitely breathe, the nature that I so love to see and be with, we, all of us have this. Envy has no power over these things.

However, envy is not that easy to let down. That is why, in the Ten Commandments of the Christian faith set by God, it is clearly stated to.... "not covet thy neighbor's wife and thy neighbor's goods." It is true that we also love to possess what our neighbor's possess. Instead of envying, God give us the power to appreciate and be happy for our neighbors. Most especially, He give us also the capacity to posses whatever it is we desire as long as it is in accordance with His divine will for us. So instead of focusing on envy, let us focus on the fulfillment of our dreams, wishes and aspirations because they are what make us whole and the best way to the fulfillment of our missions in life.

Stop envying and start getting happy!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Regina Brett's fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Third Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Three: All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

God is love. God is the beginning, God is the end. As simple as that. Yet it pains my heart that much to see how little we love and how big we hate. We are now in the new generation. Could we all start letting go of the hatred that had been handed down from our ancestors of the past and start living a life of pure happiness and bliss through love?

We have so many songs about love; so many poems about love; so many stories about love... Yet, why are we still miserable and are living a life short of it? If there is that great love in our hearts, there would be no more hatred, no more wars, no more unhappiness, no more sadness...

I love so much the line of this song that goes, ..."I found the greatest love of all inside of me".... Perhaps this is what we lack: the love inside of us; the love we have for ourselves. Let us start loving ourselves, for how can we love others if we do not have that love for ourselves? And let us love truly because in the end this is all that matters...

Get happy!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Second Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Two: Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

... like hatred, jealousy, pride, anger, resentment, and anything that makes us unhappy. There are a lot of unhappy people in this grand universe because of these negative emotions. It is time to let go of them now and enjoy a life filled with beauty, happiness and joy.  

There are 3 ways to get rid of anything unhelpful in our life.

1. Get rid of garbage. ( Surroundings ) Any garbage. All garbage from the kitchen, from inside the house, or even those inside the closet. Yes, those unused clothing that sit in your closet for years. Give them away. Donate them. You not only get rid of them, but would make other people happy too. Let go of those blessings so that there would be enough space to receive another blessing again.

2. Get rid of the excess fat. ( Physical ) Are there any? We all know that excess fat is not good for our health. Not only excess fat, but excess sugar, excess blood pressure and all other excesses as well. Go outside, get some exercise, eat right, live right. This is the best regimen for a healthier and longer life.

3. Get rid of the negatives. ( Mental ) Yes, negative thoughts, negative feelings and negative finances. We all know that all of these negative feelings and emotions can drain our energies; so why harbor them inside when they are not useful and beautiful? We only need to pray harder and be determined to have God in our life in order to get rid of these. As to negative finances, when everything is easier to acquire nowadays, including debt, it is best to shy away from it especially when we have not the additional income to augment our finances. All we need is discipline. It is not easier said than done because to live happily is our aim, and we all long for that.

There we have it. Hope we all learn from it that we may one day wake up to a useful, beautiful and joyful life.

Get happy! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-First Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-One: Don't audit life.  Show up and make the most of it now.

Yeah, this is where I almost always fall. Most of the time I could be an auditor or mathematician who is always counting on what life had been offering me and hadn't. I always ask why it offers much to others and to me less. Why and so many whys. Instead of being grateful, I was spiteful. Anyway, Regina Brett suggest to show up and make the most of life. Honestly, I have so much difficulty in showing up. I still have my issues, that's why. Painful or not, the reality is there could be no perfect situation. Showing up and making the most of life is much, much easier said than done. Regina Brett suggests this because she might have done her part all too well. But for me, oh God, help me. Showing up is not my cup of tea. But it is the only way to be grateful with life and to stop auditing life.

I am still alive, which means I have to do my part if I were to make the most of life. And this lesson? I am still on my way of passing the test.

Get happy! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Fortieth Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty: If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.

There is no life that is hassle free and problems free. The reason why we strive so hard in life is because we have problems to solve and overcome. If we have no problems, we would never know the joy of fulfillment. Everything would just go so easily. And the worst of all, we would never know the value of things if we do not put all our efforts, heart and soul in them.

If you think you are doomed or uncared for by God because your problems seem limitless and insurmountable, friend you must rejoice, for it is in your problems that you must hold on to God the most.  It is the time when you feel so near to God, if you just would be humble enough to bring those problems to God. And the good thing is God always cares...

Most especially, when you feel so overwhelmed by your problems, slow down, look at others and you'll know how heavy their burdens are too. It may not be obvious for others because they might have the ability to carry their problems with strength and determination, but for some who are weaker, they ended up with bullet in their heads. Worst, they include others in their suicide. We could only pray for their souls.

So, if you are suffering now of whatever problems there is in your life just be calm and know that there is God. Yes, He cares and He loves you. Go to Him, He is waiting.

Get happy! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Ninth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Nine:  Get outside every day.  Miracles are waiting everywhere.

Miracles are not big events seen by ordinary people; rather they are ordinary events seen by people with big hearts, large faith and very open minds.  

In the city they are the blinking of city lights, the kiss of sunlight in the windowpane, a friendly face along the street, a grateful smile of a stranger and the realization that all those hurried people you meet down the busy street will face the same end no matter what circumstances they are in.  

In the countryside they are a plenty: the swaying trees, the singing birds, the flowing brooks, the clear blue sky, the busy butterfly, the grazing cows.... ahhhh they are limitless miracles. 

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, if you want to see a miracle of life everyday, just open your mind and God will point you where it is. And whenever you feel a kind of calmness inside that you could not explain, that is the miracle of God's hands touching your soul. Ain't it wonderful?

Just believe that miracles do happen. And the moment you do that is the very first miracle happening to you.

Get happy!

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Believe in miracles

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Eighth Lesson

Lesson Number Thirty-Eight:  Read the Psalms.  They cover every human emotion.

What is your favorite psalm? Mine is Psalm 23. This was introduced to me by my born again Christian aunt when I was still twelve years old. She encouraged me to memorize it. Eventually I did. And it helped a lot, especially in times when my faith wavers.

It is so true that the psalms cover every human emotion like anger, hatred, love, inspiration, hope, depression, anguish, disappointment, joy, faith, ecstasy and all other emotions every human being could feel. I could even hardly believe that people in Biblical times could feel so much anguish when it seems that God had been so near to them in those times. However they are just humans, subject to feel those feelings. 

The Psalms is a Biblical book that connects us to our past. It points us how human we are just like our ancestors. I, on my part, sometimes dreaded to feel the negative feelings that lurk in the deepest part of me. I have the difficulty accepting the fact that negativity is a part of me. But how can I be so ungrateful for it when it is through those feelings that my forefathers discovered God the more? It is in expressing those feelings that God showed them Himself. And it is in feeling those emotions that I know how human I am. And it is only in becoming human will I discover the greatness of God. 

The Psalms also are a good guide for discovering the greatness of God. We could feel how ecstatic the Psalmist had been when he describes the greatness of God. In his mystical experiences I am so much awed and inspired, that such would I feel when I become one with God. 

I could only describe the Psalms in my own limited mind, but the Psalms is more than that. When you read it you'll discover more about God, and more of your faith. Try it. And be guided by the Good Shepherd in Psalms 23.

Get happy! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Seventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Seven: Your children get only one childhood.  Make it memorable.

If I just have overflowing money, 
I would give up working just to be with my kids.  
If I could stop time,
I would stop it and spend the free time with my kids.
If I could spare my children from pain I would,
But it could only hinder them from becoming stronger.
I may love to give everything perfect thing for my children,
Yet, nothing is perfect except the love I could have for them. 

I know all of us, parents, want to give the best for our children. They are the best things that happened in our lives, our treasures, and our purposes for being here.

It is so true that they could only have one childhood, so if we could give them the best let us give it. The reason why other people could never grow up, is because they are tied up to their not so good childhood. Childhood is the time when our minds are clear and ready for anything to be filled in there. However, when this childhood is smeared with painful and embarrassing experiences, it is doomed to stay in the mind until the person involved is prepared to let it go and start his life with a clean slate again.

I accept my childhood wasn't perfect but it sure had its fond memories I loved to visit time and again. And I want my children to experience the same. Hope you could too.

Get happy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Sixth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Six: Growing old beats the alternative - dying young.

Most of us are afraid to become old. This is a reality we could never escape. 

While still in my twenties, life was so good. I never imagined of getting old someday. When I reached thirty, still no worries of getting old were lurking inside my mind. However, when I was halfway in my thirties, the thought of reaching forty someday snatched the happy-go-lucky side of me. I was slowly afraid of getting old. They say, we could grow old gracefully. But, no I wanted to stay young forever! Whether I like it or not, I have to face the reality -- that yes, I am getting older. 

But hey, it only means I am betting the alternative of dying young. So instead of shedding tears for nearing old age, I should be happy and celebrate each year that adds my age because it means I am still alive. I am still given by God the opportunity of being with my loved ones. So then, why fret?

Other people opt to get the doctor's help to maintain younger looks. Others say, younger looks is maintained by proper sleep, proper diet, proper exercise and the lack of stress. Well, whatever could help maintain younger looks could never beat the vigor of youth in my mind and heart. It sure could lead me to aging gracefully.

Get happy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Fifth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Five: Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

Do we become strong simply by trying? Or just by thinking? Nope. We become strong when we are tested. We could not be strong by our looks alone. Strength is inherent inside of us. A strong person is the one who has been through life's thick and thin. 
Thus, when we are tested by life's vicissitudes, let us not complain. As long as it is not killing us, let us welcome trying times with open arms, hearts and minds. The actual reality of this event in our lives may be difficult and hard to accept, yet it is in this times that we could grow stronger. 
We always fall when hit by life's strongest slap. As a reaction we have two choices: we could either lie where we fall and cry forever accepting our dreadful fate, or we could choose to stand up, cry for a time for the painfulness of the unexpected event and move on with our lives until time heals it deliberately. If we choose the latter action, we would emerge as victors in life and stronger than ever before. 

Which one would you choose?

Get happy!

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Fourth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Four: God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.

Correct me if I'm wrong but most children born before the nineties are afraid of the God who punishes. These are the children who are disciplined out of control. We could not blame the parents of these children because they are raised by their parents in this way too. I happened to be one of these children, but as much as possible, now that I am a parent, I do not intend to leave this kind of legacy to my children. 

The easiest way to control a child is to instill fear in his mind. Are you one raised this way? Shake that off now because that is so untrue. While God is the highest power, it is easier to picture Him as a God who hates evil doing. Thus, children grow with fear of God in their hearts. They love God not because He is a lovable God, but because He is a God who punishes those who do not love Him. Even until now there are people who still use this kind of theology to others and to children most especially. Thereby creating fearful followers of God instead of being loving people.

For those who want liberation; for those who want to hear the GOOD NEWS; for those who want to love unconditionally --  GOD is a loving God. He could not unlove because to love is his nature. God is a loving power. The more we come nearer to Him, the more we feel closer to Him, the more we realize His loving power, the more we become more like Him. 

It is not what we do that makes God, God. it is not what we did not do that makes God, God. GOD IS. Period. Therefore let us stop feeling guilty for crucifying Him on the cross. Let us stop feeling guilty for not being as perfect as God. We are just humans. Yet, God loves us no matter what or who we are. By believing this, we are saved from the hell of negative thoughts and wayward beliefs. By living this way, we are bringing heaven on earth. By realizing this, we are making God alive in our lives and those around us.

This is my belief. What is yours?

Get happy! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Forty-Seventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Forty-Seven: Take a deep breath.  It calms the mind.

There is no other way to calm the mind and relax the spirit than taking slow deep breaths. It helps much if you are with nature. However, if your circumstances do not allow you to be in the heart of nature, you can then just retire to a solitary place -- your room is the best place, and do the exercise there.
Due to our busy lifestyle, we often forget to do the proper way of breathing. In my experience, one factor that leads me easily to fatigue is my inability to breath properly. From then on, I start to become aware whether I am breathing properly or not.

If you want to be refreshed on how to breathe properly, here are some tips:

    Basic Breathing Exercise
  1. Inhale deeply through your nose, keep your mouth closed, and hold it a few seconds. You will feel your chest (or, even better, your belly - if you're breathing through your diaphragm) expand.
  2. Release it by blowing it slowly out through your mouth.
  3. Do this a few times and you will be amazed to have a feeling of being relaxed.
    Belly Breathing
    1. Inhale through your nose at an even rate and allow your stomach to push-out, thus relaxing your diaphragm, and allowing more air to enter your lungs. You can place your hand on your abdomen and feel it being pushed away as your abdomen rises.[1]
    2. Exhale slowly through your mouth and allow your stomach to return to its normal position. Exhaling should take double the time it took to do the inhale.
    3. Repeat.
    4. Note this method of breathing is said to allow the accumulation of chi energy in the 'tan t'ien', a point an inch and a half below the navel.[2]

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Third Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Three:  Believe in miracles.

I do believe in miracles. I believe in miracles happening everywhere. 

The fetus developing inside a mother's womb is a miracle. The flower that slowly opens its bud and greet the day with its beautiful petals is a miracle. The soft raindrops that gently fall on the swaying leaves are miracles. The minute sands along an unending shoreline that bathe the sunshine is a miracle. The sweet smile of a baby that quickly eliminates away the tiredness of his mother's body and mind is a miracle. Oh, miracles are happening everywhere.

Sadly, most of the time, we forget all about these miracles. Because the miracle we are waiting to happen, is the time when we will win the lottery, or when we get our desired ipads, or dream car, or dream house. 

You know when we know how to pray and tune in to God's power inside of us, we can make miracles happen. Try this, it's true.

Believe in miracles and soon your life would be filled with miracles.

Get happy! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty Second Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Two: Your job won't take care of you when you are sick.  Your friends will.  Stay in touch.

The latest news that shocks the Philippine corporate world is the successful suicide commitment of DBP's assistant legal counsel, Benjamin Pinpin. In a statement in his suicide note, he mentioned, he only did what was told of him to do because he was afraid to lose his job. He thought, if he would lose his job he would lose his family and dignity as well. In short he was allegedly pressured to do something against his will, yet done it just to save his job. Apparently, he did not lose his job. However, the truth always prevails. When the time of reckoning arrived he was overpowered by confusion and ended up taking his life away...

It was so sad. He was afraid to lose his job for his family. Yet, his job did not take care of his family. It did not take care of him. It did not take care of his life.
This is one lesson all of us must put into consideration. Our job would not take care of us. Even if we are just sick, it won't take care of us. It is right to keep in touch always with family and friends. Because when we lose everything, our job including, our family and true friends would always be there for us.

Have we kept in touch lately with our friends and family? Let's do it now.

Get happy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-First Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-One: However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

Do you believe this to be so? For me, yes it is. Just like some of you, I once was a negative thinker. When a situation seemed to be out of hands, I easily panicked and get depressed and frustrated over things that did not turn out the way I planned them to be. 

Over the years, this is what I learned, 'however good or bad a situation is, it will change.' There is always hope for bad situations because our loving God up there is watching us. Because He is a loving God, He does not want us to suffer. He is always available every time we ask for S.O.S. over things beyond our control. There is only one condition He is asking of us -- we need to call on Him whenever and wherever we need Him. He does not want us to whine. He does not want us to complain. Like a loving Father as He is, He wants us to explain what we want and ask of Him anything we want, as long as it is in accordance with His will of us. 

If we are suffering over something and we thought we have prayed hard enough, yet no answer has been given, I guess this is the time to check the whole situation all over again. Either what we ask have to change, or we, ourselves need to change our values, disposition and direction in life. As long as we need not forget, God always gives what is best for us, that is His weakness.

On the other hand, there are also times when 'good situations' change. As what the song says, 'some good things never last.' It is true. We need not expect good things to last nor to happen all the time. Because God wants us to learn. God wants us to be perfect as He is. It is in these bad situations that we can see the real meaning of life and of our existence. It is in these situations where we need God the most. That's why He allows bad situations to happen because it is in these situations where we are closer to Him.

Quiet naturally, nothing lasts forever. Whatever it may be; good or bad situations alike. Just like night and day, it does not lasts. Therefore, whatever is at hand, let us enjoy it. Always and for always let us call on God. Let us thank Him in good situations and ask for His strength in bad situations. He is the only ONE that lasts forever.

Get happy!     

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirtieth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty: Time heals almost everything.  Give time time.

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. This is our reality today. We have so many instant noodles, instant daddy, instant mommy, instant diseases, instant happiness, etc., etc. Why? Because we couldn't wait. We want to finish everything in a snap of our fingers. We want to mold time. We want to control time.

Yet, such is not applicable to nature. Nature moves as it is. Nature defines time. Time heals everything. Nature heals everything. Instead of fretting and whining over things that we could not repair, let us just allow time to heal it. Moreover, let us give time, time.

Get happy! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Ninth Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Nine: What other people think of you is none of your business.

Would it matter much what others think of us? It seems to matter. Sadly, whatever we do, other people always find something wrong with us. We may struggle hard to please other people, yet in the end it is not worth a thing. So why live for other people? Let us live not minding how do we look at other people's eyes. As long as we know we are doing the right thing.  

It is inevitable that not all people have positive thoughts about us. The best thing we could do is focus on our strengths and on the purpose we live our dear lives for. 

Like what happened to me just recently. I got negative reactions for being spontaneous in showing my negative reaction to something not right that happened. For me, it is healthy to show what I feel, as long as I am directly pointing at the issue. Unfortunately, the result was not advantageous on my part. I was so frustrated and disappointed at what happened and even blamed myself for acting such, which lead me to self-pity and regrets. After thorough deliberation and prayers I was back on my feet again. It no longer matters to me who was right or wrong. The lesson I learned was -- I did the right thing of correcting someone who was not right. I could not change anybody. If someone hates to get corrected, it is no longer my problem. It is her choice. I could only change myself. I could only teach lessons to myself. The good thing is, from that incident one thing became clear to me -- I AM LIVING MY LIFE FOR MY FAMILY. Even if others may hate me, my family still accepts me and loves me as I am. I realized, what others think of me is none of my business! My sole business in this beautiful world is to do everything I can for the people I love and lived for. 

Get happy!
Do you have any experiences similar to mine? Please leave a comment below.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Eighth Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Eight: Forgive everyone everything.

One reason why we could hardly move on in our lives is by not forgiving somebody who sinned against us and bringing his/her memories with us wherever we go.

Forgiveness is a virtue very hard to practice. In my lifetime there are countless of people who have caused me pain. Not just pain, but wounds that leave awful scars staining sometimes my relationships with my family and other people around.

To forgive is much easier said than done. But first, before we could have the courage to forgive someone, we need to forgive ourselves first. We need to forgive ourselves for committing the mistake of letting other people hurt us. We need to forgive ourselves for giving our TRUST to someone who is not worthy of it. We need to forgive ourselves for being so naive, so idiot, so innocent and so blind. If we can do that to ourselves, it would be much easier for us to forgive someone. 

When we forgive, we benefit from it more than those people who have hurt us. Because it is our deepest being that is cleansed. When we are able to forgive, our memories are cleaned; our guilt is lessened; our bucket of negative feelings is emptied; and our heart lightened. 

Most sicknesses and diseases are caused due to negative and ill-feelings we harbor in the deepest part of ourselves. This is scientifically proven. Should we wait to get sick before we forgive? Of course, we do not like that. So why wait for it to happen. Forgive now. Ask God's loving guidance that forgiving may not be as difficult as it seems. Forgive and choose life.

Get happy!     

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Seventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Seven: Always choose life.

Could you believe that I was once a run-away from 'life'? Yes. I used to be coward, faint-hearted, weak, submissive, neurotic, fearful, etc, etc... I used to be anything negative you could describe a person. 

Am I still this person now? Not that much. I learned. I had my fair share of learning it the hard way. I did not choose to learn. God did. He put me inside a suffocated situation where I CHOOSE to grasp for air. It were situations where I could hardly breathe and struggle every inch of strength I had just to breath. That was my way of learning.

If there is any wise lesson I learned so much from life -- it is choosing life. No matter how much we run away from life; no matter how much we surrender; no matter how much we submit ourselves; no matter how much we give up, we could do nothing but choose life. It is because, every breath we take is life. It is given to us freely. On the contrary, we could not give it back freely.  

There is one way of giving this life voluntarily back to its Creator -- committing suicide. But it's wrong. It's a wrong choice. It is an act that imprisons our souls forever. All because we have not the right to take back this life away from us.
This 'life' we have is given us freely to be lived fully, to be enjoyed, to be cherished. 

The good thing about life is -- no matter how difficult every situation could be, there is always a way out. When we believe the end of the world is at hand, there is always a savior who always come unexpectedly.They may be friends, acquaintances, or even strangers. They were just sent without their knowledge to help us out.

So by now, if you are weary, dreadful, disappointed, frustrated and at the verge of giving up, just choose life. No matter what you do, God is there watching you, interfering in your every act. All He wants from you, is to choose life.
Choose life. It is much better than choosing the other way, yet in the end you are bound to choose life still. Choose life immediately instead of  wasting time and effort. Do it now and live.

Get happy!



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