Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flow, Do Not Resist

     Some say by merely flowing with our life, we are not living life to the fullest. For according to them, a well-lived life is one in which you know your passions and do everything to fulfill it. Well, it might be true because our passion is what defined us as the persons we were meant to be. But based on experience, not everything we want to do, we immediately seek to fulfill it. For there is a factor we call time and things beyond our control. I may not like something I have or where I am at the moment; yet I have to stay here because the time for me to move and get out is not yet at hand. Thus, instead of resisting and struggling, I have to be still, keep quiet, and most of all, just flow.
     By merely flowing with the tide of my life, I have ample time to prepare for my next move, and breath for whatever that is yet to come. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Uniqueness Of You

     Sometimes it drives me to nuts to have the kind of achievements as others have. I long to write the topic they wrote; I long to do the style they have. Yet, no matter how I try I could never achieve their achievements. All because their achievements are theirs alone. They are built to be the kind of persons that they are. While I am of a different category. I am born just to be myself. Whatever I am, this is the business that I alone can fathom.
      I need to follow my own path and do the things my own way. I may meet with so many questions for having the choices I have, or having done the things I do, but this is just me. No one could ever understand me the way I understood myself. Just as I could not question others for what they are because that is just the way they are. This is the uniqueness of each one; the uniqueness that must be discovered and developed. Only one thing kills our uniqueness-comparison. In order for me to focus on my uniqueness, I need to pass through the barrier of comparison. That one day I could say, I did it my way.

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