Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Eyes


     Dear God,

     I know that every day is a new day. I thank you for creating this new day. Please grant me new eyes to see the beauty of Your creation. Create in me the wonder of the child that every thing would be a great discovery for me. Let me not go to other place to find new things to discover, instead open my heart that I may discover every thing beautiful in there. Thank You God. Amen.

     Get Happy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Live The Moment Fully


     Everything that is born eventually dies. The sun rises, the sun sets. The tide rises, the tide ebbs. Constant change. Should we stick on focusing our energy only on what we want to happen? We could say no. But deep in our hearts we know there is a part that lies. You may hate to admit it, yet the truth is, deep, deep down in our heart of hearts we know everything has its end; everything is in God's hands. Should we then not do our best because everything does not lasts forever? The answer is still no. The answer-- is to live life fully; to make use of the limited time God has given us. 
     Let us then rejoice, be glad, laugh, live; make use of every second. If someone's ruining our day, let us just let loose, forgive and move on. The end is near, no time for regrets. Live life so fully that every moment may seem an eternity. 

     Get Happy!

Our Purpose Is God's Gift


     Could you imagine a life without a purpose, without a meaning? For me, I could not. It is my firm belief that all of us, creatures, are born into this world with a purpose. Even the fly, even the bettle, even the mosquito has a purpose. The purpose of mosquitoes? That we may clean the house and the surroundings. It is a sign that something must be done in order to live cleanly and healthily.

     Just because some things connote negativity, we already consider it as nuisance in life. But no. Every creature on Earth has a purpose. The people dedicated to the specific studies of certain creatures know this so well. As for me, I'm only dedicated to the study of my life, therefore, the only thing that I can be sure of is my purpose in life. As of this time, it is to Radiate Wisdom. I got this idea from the book of life coach, Robin Chaddock entitled "How to Find Your Path to Success". Though I am not yet 100 % sure of it because I'm still discerning, at least I have the clue that it is something nearer to that. If you want to know your specific purpose that book may be of help.

     It's fun and exciting to know our purpose. Hope you would one day know yours too.

     Get Happy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Greatest Challenge Of Love


     "It is the duty of men to love even those who injure them."

     Possible? To those who have the faith, the answer is yes. To those who are hurting, it may seem impossible. For me, yes, it is possible. To love is the 'Call for All', as how author Robin Chaddock puts it. I love to heed to that call, if it's only there that my spirit may find its rest. I'm not yet there, but I'm in the process. I know how hard it is to love even those who injure us. I have been hurt, for so long. Truth is, I had been living all my life with hurts and pains because of the people who injured me when I was younger. I brought those pains along with me. The moment I got sick of it and offered my heart to God for healing, was the time God spoke to my heart saying, it is only through love I could heal fully; not only the true love that I receive but also the true love that I could give. Could I ask for anything? If this is the only way; if healing equals loving, then let me do it. God is my Maker. He knows what I am made of. He would not surely ask me to do it if He knows I couldn't do it. I could do it because God tells me so. I must do my part then.
     We are all here because of God's love. So then it is our duty to give that love back. 

     Get Happy!

Love Is Never Lost


     What we give, we receive back. This is the way of nature. If we give without expectations, we are a loving giver. If with expectations, we are hurt if not reciprocated. If it's genuine love we give, it's genuine love we receive back. And genuine love never dies, never fades, never lost with the passing of time.

     Get Happy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

How To Get Happy When You're Sad

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     I am not sad at the moment. I just need inspiration. From wikihow I found these 21 steps to be happy when sad. Hope you'll like it too.

1. Call up a friend or family member to talk about why you're feeling sad. Do this to get something off your chest, or to get your mind off it. The simple act of talking can make a surprising difference if it's with the right person. 
2.  Watch a funny movie, preferably one that you've already seen and liked. You'll remember that time that you were happy watching it, and the familiarity will feel comforting. 
3.  Eat a good meal. Make something different and delicious, something out of the ordinary. Chew slowly, smell the food, and savor every last bite. Be thankful that you even have food to eat. According to one source, about 25,000 people will die on any given day due to hunger or related illness.
4.  Exercise. Go for a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. Play a team sport. Do anything that gets you up and sweating. Exercising will make your body release endorphins, a chemical that lifts your mood and lessens your feeling of pain.
5.  Be spontaneous. Sometimes a consistent and boring routine can make you feel bad. Do something out of the blue without making any rash decisions. Go visit a friend or a museum, surprise your Mom with lunch, or take a weekend trip outside your city or town. 
6.  Paint a picture or mould a sculpture. Express your feelings with color and shapes. Art is a celebration of life, and you are a reason to celebrate. 
7.  Think about good memories. If you've lived through them once, you can definitely have them again. That's the beautiful thing about memories. Just because things may seem bad right now doesn't mean that they'll be that way tomorrow.
8.  Take a shower or a bath. You'll be amazed at how much of a lift taking a shower can give you. 
9.  Get out of the house. The fresh air will be invigorating. Go somewhere with a friend, a family member, or even by yourself. See a movie, shop, go on a picnic, etc. Staying inside can feel like trapping yourself inside the prison of your depression. Don't give yourself an excuse to feel bad. 
10. Listen to music. Resist the temptation to go for the sad music; try listening to energetic, jumpy, soulful, or happy tunes, along with numbers that inspire you or remind you of good times. Music can be and is used as a very effective therapy.. 
11. Have a good cry. Sometimes the sadness stays no matter how hard you force yourself to be happy. Try to let the tears out when you feel like it, and you might feel more relieved of your sad feelings, as if you got them "off your chest". Studies suggest that a majority of people who cry feel better than they did before.
12.  Put your feelings into perspective. Is what you're upset about really as important as you think? Did it seem to heavily affect you than those around you? If you sulk about little problems, like not receiving a perfect grade or spilled milk, then you're going to feel sad a lot more easily. 
13.  Taking a nap might make you feel better. Taking a nice, restful nap can help you feel more creative, get better grades, and relieve more stress, scientists say.
14.  Journal. Each day is a new day, a day to celebrate in writing. Write about how you feel, what your goals are, or even simple musings that you have. The good thing about journals is that they don't have to be read by anyone else. 
15.  Make a list of 100 things that make you happy. It's a challenge, but see if you can do it. Don't think, don't worry about if it's childish or silly, just write it down. 
16.  Before you go to bed, completely clear your mind of everything. This includes school life, grades, friends, family, etc. Dream up your happy place. This will at least leave you falling asleep with a better mood, making your feelings brighter in the morning. 
17.  Take a long walk to calm you down and to relax. Sometimes, it gives you a soothing feeling. Take a deep breath and puff it out. Focus on your breathing while you walk. 
18.  Try relaxing by reading. Lose yourself in another world, or in the past. Books transport us to places we've never been; often, those places are more adventurous and romantic than the places we're currently in.
19.  Laugh and smile. It may be forced at first, but it could trigger a funny memory or cause a real laugh itself. Scientists have figured out that smiling actually makes you happier than you were before.
20. Look at some of your childhood pictures. If a funny one pops up, don't push it away. Savor it. It'll help remind you that life passes by so quickly sometimes. Ask your parents for childhood pictures if you want a lot of them! 
21.  Stick to your routines. Probably you don't feel like doing it but force yourself to do it. You will eventually feel normal, if normal was a feeling you liked. Even if you have lost something/someone, you still have many other things/people that you enjoy. Most of all, you always have yourself.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Be So Happy

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     Why are babies happy? Simply because it is their nature. They have pure mind. They have pure heart. They have pure souls. They have worries too. They are full of fears too. Notice the way they look at strangers? They look with caution and fear. When their mother gets out of the room, they cry. But these things did not hinder them to express happiness. They know that worries and fears have nothing to do with happiness. They know that happiness is their state. They know that love and care are there always at their side. It would be with us, if we will always remember that God is always there to love and care for us. Let us always be happy then, like a child.

     Get Happy!

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