Friday, September 19, 2014

Live The Moment Fully


     Everything that is born eventually dies. The sun rises, the sun sets. The tide rises, the tide ebbs. Constant change. Should we stick on focusing our energy only on what we want to happen? We could say no. But deep in our hearts we know there is a part that lies. You may hate to admit it, yet the truth is, deep, deep down in our heart of hearts we know everything has its end; everything is in God's hands. Should we then not do our best because everything does not lasts forever? The answer is still no. The answer-- is to live life fully; to make use of the limited time God has given us. 
     Let us then rejoice, be glad, laugh, live; make use of every second. If someone's ruining our day, let us just let loose, forgive and move on. The end is near, no time for regrets. Live life so fully that every moment may seem an eternity. 

     Get Happy!

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