Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Greatest Challenge Of Love


     "It is the duty of men to love even those who injure them."

     Possible? To those who have the faith, the answer is yes. To those who are hurting, it may seem impossible. For me, yes, it is possible. To love is the 'Call for All', as how author Robin Chaddock puts it. I love to heed to that call, if it's only there that my spirit may find its rest. I'm not yet there, but I'm in the process. I know how hard it is to love even those who injure us. I have been hurt, for so long. Truth is, I had been living all my life with hurts and pains because of the people who injured me when I was younger. I brought those pains along with me. The moment I got sick of it and offered my heart to God for healing, was the time God spoke to my heart saying, it is only through love I could heal fully; not only the true love that I receive but also the true love that I could give. Could I ask for anything? If this is the only way; if healing equals loving, then let me do it. God is my Maker. He knows what I am made of. He would not surely ask me to do it if He knows I couldn't do it. I could do it because God tells me so. I must do my part then.
     We are all here because of God's love. So then it is our duty to give that love back. 

     Get Happy!

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