Friday, March 12, 2010

When You Have To Do It Even If You Hate It

     "I hate to do it, but I have to do it." These were the words that kept on echoing in my mind right after I made the decision. There are just situations in which you have to make a decision regardless of whether you will be completely understood or downright judged. Having made a pledge to God to love His people and correct them gently, made it hard for me to do my work. My line of work requires to be firm with people. For, if I have to remain lenient with them and their capricious, they would abuse the regulations set by our company, which would result in making me an ineffective employee. Yes, negotiation and an acceptable excuse are the very first thing to do. But when people have crossed the thin line between kindness and abuse, we have to do the right thing even if it means hurting their pride and feelings.

     The truth is, there are many people who are so undisciplined in their own lives that they go about meeting with people believing they can influence people with their own lies. These are the people whom I act strictly with. When they need to hear the truth, I give it to them. It is sort of wham! slapping them on the face and saying, "wake up thou from thy sleep!"

     And, yes, these are the people I pledged to love and cherish. In the sense of the word they are not my family. But in the law of the universe, they are my family. I know I just did the right thing, waking them up. But I felt a little tinge of guilt for slapping them the truth. However if I am to do it again, I choose to do it again. For it is better for me to suffer the pangs of guilt than allowing these people to go with their lives walking in their sleep. Sometimes they need a little bang, bang in the head that they may ask themselves, "hey what is happening?"

     Actually, I am saying these through my own personal experience. It really hurts when people slap you left and right with the truth of the matter. But it was when I hurt the most that I learned the most. That is why I am not so much afraid to correct someone, as long as I know it would benefit them more if they just but listen to their voice within and without.   

     As to the people whom I actually bang, bang with the truth I offered them to God already. And then I let go.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Sickness And In Health

     I have to admit something. While I was in my teens I thought having a serious sickness or disease is advantageous because it would invoke much sympathy and empathy from the people around you and from those who would hear your state. Yes, I was that hypochondriac during those times. I love it when I get sick. Whenever I have a headache, I believe I already have brain cancer. Whenever I am tired or stressed I thought I'm going to suffer a heart attack. Whenever I have a fever I thought I am dying.

     But then, until now I am still alive. Perhaps that belief  sprang from the need for attention, especially from my parents. They said middle born children mostly suffer from the lack of attention. I happened to be the second from the eldest. Maybe that explained it.

    Now that I am literally mature in age, I hate and worry diseases. Just yesterday I suffered a very bad headache. I was afraid what was happening with my body. I would not want to die yet. Not now that my son is barely three years of age; most especially I have still many good things to do and be. I just discovered the beauty of life; I just created my goals and the strategies to achieve them. I have not yet lived my life fully. If ever I will go I do not have enough of myself to leave - have not shared my life that much to others. Oh, those thoughts.

     Anyway, after work and after I have taken a medicine in an hour, the pain left me. Perhaps something in my body just went wrong but not that serious. The least thing I could have now is to be sick. As much as possible I tried everything to stay away from getting sick. I may not be able to do everything to stay away from it, but I now have a firm belief that God is healing me, everything in me, and that He would not let me go if it is not yet my time to go. Yes, God already is healing me.    


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Negative 10 To Positive 10

     When we talk of growth it can either be achieved instantly or gradually. Some believed we can grow that easily; from where we are to where we want to be. But most said it could be done gradually and deliberately. I believed in the latter for it is my own experience. Like a seed that is being planted, personal growth takes time and much care.

     In my experience, I grow 50%; and sometimes backslides 10%. Yes, it would be nice if I were just a seed that only grows but never backslides. Yet, I am human with established habits and flow of thoughts that I have been accustomed to. For many years I have lived with this habits and kind of thinking. Thus, it is not much easier to leap from here to there; or else I'll become mad. I am just grateful for the countless positive people in the web who put the time and effort to share their positivity with the world, for from them I gathered much hope and inspiration. I would not mention them for the time being because they are many to mention. Besides, there are people in the web whose words I just run across once but whose impact remains with me and serves as tool for my growth. They are those people who are able to leap from negative 10 to positive 10 in their own time.

     Growth just requires patience with oneself especially when one backslides. But backsliding does not conclude the race is over and the player is weak. It just means there is still much more to learn and work for. As what I said in my previous post it is not so much with the goal, but it is much with the ways we do in achieving the goal. It is more on how we do those things not what we have done that matters most to God.

    And I love it. For me, everyday I am growing. I am no longer counting how much; for there are days that I just do not. In these days I just flow with what I have at the moment. And with this I still can say, life is beautiful. 


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Expand. Expand. Expand

     When we think of growth, what comes into mind is expansion. And when we plan to grow our selves in all aspects, it means we have to expand our selves in all areas: mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially  and spiritually.Honestly, in some areas I am doing well. But there is one area that I am struggling with so hard. It is the social aspect. Growing up I was not that sociable since I was brought up conservatively. We weren't allowed to play with other kids. In high school I was not even allowed to go out with my friends. So I developed that kind of characteristic which is shy and a little aloof with people.  Now that I am working I am constantly expose to people. But only within the circle of my comfort zone. At least I am able to get along well with others.

     However, when you dream of becoming successful in life you have to work the extra mile needed for the fulfillment of your dreams. I was informed, one of the ways of becoming successful is to be able to have large network of friends. Wow. I have friends but only those casual acquaintances. I never thought once that having lots of friends and creating good relationships with others is a big advantage of becoming successful. I am convince of this now. And I am working sooooo hard on this.   

     This is what makes life beautiful. With faith I am able to expand what I believe I can expand.

     He who put this Spirit within me is faithful enough to let this Spirit express itself through me.


Monday, March 8, 2010

When Others Behave The Way They Do

You're day went out quite right as how you intended it to be. The people you were always around with were the same funny and entertaining ones as they always were. And if some of their moods were sometimes irritating, you never mind because you knew that was a characteristic of them, what made them unique. You were about to call it a day. When suddenly in an office not yours someone came carrying herself proudly looking at you as if you were from outer space. From the way she gazed, you sense the sense of insecurity she was carrying deep inside, and reflected it outside by acting as if she were superior to you. You tried to make friendly movements which she ignored. This affected you. You felt a tinge of irritation creeping down within. So you immediately  finished your business in that office and went out. Then outside you saw her husband waiting for her, complaining and grunting loudly, calling for her, for she was inside too long; an attitude you would not want your husband to treat you with. You slowly got it and you said, that's why.

Did this happen to you? It did to me, yesterday. I inquired things about that lady. I was informed she just came from the U.S. Oh, would that make any difference? Would her actions be favorable for her? Would it matter whether she was above or below us? I was just so glad I was in this self-development business; for I knew where she stood and where I stood. And from the way her husband treated her, it was no wonder she had a bit of insecurity.

Anyway, people's actions no longer matter to me that much now. For if people behave the way they do, it is not because of who I am, it is because of who they are; how they see themselves and what their experiences are. It has been my prayer that God would make me loving to his children good and not so good alike. But since I am new to this undertaking, I have not yet matured fully. But at least I am able now to identify the sin from the sinner though my initial reaction would be somewhat judgmental. At least I have grown a little. This is a very big thing to me now.      

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Brand New Day

The idea of getting up in the morning with the belief that this day contributes something to the attainment of my goals, makes me greet each day with a smile and a hope that it is going to be a great day ahead. It would not be a big day wherein everything could be achieved on this day alone; yet a day wherein there is little improvement and achievement. I have already given up the thought of doing great just for one day because I have waited and planned for this day to happen, yet it never did. If my failures and frustrations were formed not only in a day, then the attainment of my goals and dreams could be created not only in a day but by the days I choose to create them day by day.
With the lessons I learned from the past, most especially from the failures, everyday is full of excitement, of what can I do better and better. It is true that dwelling on the setbacks and what went wrong could only make the matters worse. But by reversing the way of thinking focusing only on the positive possibilities, the realization of goals and dreams is at hand.        

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