Monday, March 8, 2010

When Others Behave The Way They Do

You're day went out quite right as how you intended it to be. The people you were always around with were the same funny and entertaining ones as they always were. And if some of their moods were sometimes irritating, you never mind because you knew that was a characteristic of them, what made them unique. You were about to call it a day. When suddenly in an office not yours someone came carrying herself proudly looking at you as if you were from outer space. From the way she gazed, you sense the sense of insecurity she was carrying deep inside, and reflected it outside by acting as if she were superior to you. You tried to make friendly movements which she ignored. This affected you. You felt a tinge of irritation creeping down within. So you immediately  finished your business in that office and went out. Then outside you saw her husband waiting for her, complaining and grunting loudly, calling for her, for she was inside too long; an attitude you would not want your husband to treat you with. You slowly got it and you said, that's why.

Did this happen to you? It did to me, yesterday. I inquired things about that lady. I was informed she just came from the U.S. Oh, would that make any difference? Would her actions be favorable for her? Would it matter whether she was above or below us? I was just so glad I was in this self-development business; for I knew where she stood and where I stood. And from the way her husband treated her, it was no wonder she had a bit of insecurity.

Anyway, people's actions no longer matter to me that much now. For if people behave the way they do, it is not because of who I am, it is because of who they are; how they see themselves and what their experiences are. It has been my prayer that God would make me loving to his children good and not so good alike. But since I am new to this undertaking, I have not yet matured fully. But at least I am able now to identify the sin from the sinner though my initial reaction would be somewhat judgmental. At least I have grown a little. This is a very big thing to me now.      

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