Thursday, November 26, 2009

Of Down Days

Why am I lonely? Why am I down? These questions I've asked myself. I enumerated my activites of the past few days. I did good. I did physical exercises. I prayed. I contemplated. But there was one thing - I allowed actions of people to get the worst of me. There are people I do not like, honestly. How I wish I could go somewhere and avoid all these people all along. Sounds a good choice. I always have a choice. At least some things are quite right. But then as I contemplated of getting away from these people, I asked myself would I be happy forever now? Sadly, the answer is no. As long as I live I would always meet people that I do not like.
I thank those people in the U.S. who celebrate their Thanksgiving Day and shared their thoughts on gratitude; especially Deepak Chopra who advised to engage the unfriendlies. To be grateful always maybe is a good thing to do.
As I contemplate on this 'gratitude' thing I told myself, perhaps I have another choice in solving my present dilemma. Perhaps it would work if I will just be grateful with everyone who comes into my life. And instead of focusing on the discomfort that these people are bringing in my life I will face myself and ask, "what is it I have that I can I give to these people?"
I think I now the answer.

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