Monday, June 15, 2015

What Do You Preach: Good News Or Bad News?

Sad story. 
There is a husband I know who went to a birthday party. His wife did not accompany him because she was tired from work and of watching the kids playing earlier. She also attended to her son by treating ice on his forehead that swelled a little due to a bump the kid acquired in the afternoon. Moreover, she was too drain to attend the party wherein she should watch over the kids behaving like active kids do. There is no guarantee that the kids would behave like adults in the party. So then the husband went to the party only with his other kid. The people there, of course, inquired where is the wife. The wife did not really know what the exact words were but it badly hurt the husband's ego. When they all got home, the negative emotions the husband kept within himself leaked, which lead to a big fight between the two. Sadly, in the presence of their kids they quarreled. The husband punched the table, the chair, the door, anything that got in his way. Thankfully, he was not so consumed by his emotions as to physically hurt his family. The kids shouted, cried, afraid. Poor little beings. In the middle of the argument the husband told his wife that he believed the people in the party assumed that the wife was ashamed and not proud of her husband because she did not accompany him. This thought and belief and fear of what the other people might say or think hurt the husband's ego the most. He brought the hurt home as well as the doubt of his wife's true feelings for him. The husband forgot that the wife was the only person who was with him in his lowest moments, in his times of trials. He forgot that in his trials, the people whom he was afraid might have a bad impression of him were not there. In his time of trials they were not on his side, nor visited him, nor called how he was. He forgot all those things. All he had in his mind was: what would they say?
People are imperfect. We have not the right to judge the husband. We never knew what he was going through. We have not the right to judge the wife. We never knew what she was going through. Only one thing we can do--to preach the right thing.
My friend, as much as possible, please preach the right words, preach the right things. Your words may hurt or break a person, or may even break a family. If you have nothing good to speak, please refrain from speaking. Your words may sound a joke to you, but to others it may mean their life. If you believe you are a good person, which we all thrive to be, please act and speak out of the goodness in your heart. You never know what others are going through. Not all people are as aware as to be able to sift the bad from the good connotations of your words. If you care enough, please preach the good news. You do not need a stage or a podium to preach the good news.  The opportunity is vast and ordinary just as attending a birthday party.

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