Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reflection: Who Are You?

     Who are you? You are the reflection of everything around you and before you. You are the reflection of others who are with you always. You are the reflection of the sunrise and the sunset when it's beauty you allow to rest in your soul. You are the reflection of the love you received. You are the reflection of the rhythm of life. You are the reflection of the things you are always exposed to. You are the reflection of your environment. You are the reflection of your past, your present and your future. You are not the reflection of who you want to be; you are the reflection of what you do. Therefore, if you want to have a good reflection, expose yourself to good environment, good people, and good things. This goodness in everything depends on your belief of what these good things are. The easiest way to find your path in this goodness of reflection is to expose yourself to God, for He is the reflection of everything good and is able to give you the most beautiful reflection of all.

"I wish you a thankful heart, one that sees the importance of each aspect of your life and that doesn't take the important things for granted, without the appreciation for the beauty and the harmony of our lives. May you always find the reasons for which thankfulness is appropriate, and be able to voice your gratitude to others, to yourself, to your God, for it is only with gratitude that we can open the many doors of life that are available to us, the door that lay closed to those who live life without gratitude." ~ Living Life Fully

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love You

I love you.
I love you not because you are you.
I love you because you are me.
When I love you, I do not give you a part of me.
When I love you, I expand me.
When I hurt you, I hurt me.
When I love you, I love me.
When I love you I do not ask you to love me back,
Because by loving you, I am already loving me.
For I could not give you what I lack in me.
I love you not because you are a son or daughter of God.
But I love you because I am a daughter of God.
For what I am is what you are too.
However, I could not love me without you,
For I could only love me by loving you.
I love you....

"I wish you a sense of gratitude, thankfulness for all that you've been blessed with in this life, all the things that you have, all the people you know, the food that you eat, the possibilities that you have." ~ Living Life Fully

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Missing Ingredient

     To love God's people is one of my sacrosanct goals because I believe this to be one of my duties as a Christian. I pray for this daily. But most of the time I caught myself disliking people to the point of allowing them to make me feel miserable. I wonder then, why these very people whom I vowed to love, are the ones preventing me from loving them? 
     Yesterday the answer to my question was laid before me. It was from the blog post of Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen where she cited the three pillars of goodness, which are: reverence for life, wisdom, and kindness. Reverence for life struck me hard. My mind went silent for a few minutes. A bell rang in my ear. My heart of hearts told me, "this is what we missed." Yeah, all along in my journey I forgot to revere God's people.
     I may be surrounded with not so perfect people, but this does not give me the right to focus on their shortcomings. If I were to love them, I should do the following things: accept the fact that these people could never be perfect just as I am, believe that despite the imperfect surface, deep inside lies the goodness and greatness of these people, and most of all, revere the life in them. For in revering them, I revere not only them, but also the One who gives them life as well as my life too. Finally, to love them would be much easier.

"I wish you the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that comes from a faith in something much greater than ourselves, a God who is loving and kind and gentle. Millions of people have come across this peace, from the monks who spend day after day in prayer to the  people who have passed through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to clean up their lives and stop allowing their lack of inner peace to destroy them. A lack of peace in our lives can be one of the most destructive forces in the world, and I hope that you never feel the loss of peace in your life." ~ Living Life Fully

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We are dealing with powers and energies in this world unconsciously. He who is aware knows how to use these powers and energies for the good of mankind.

"I wish you the ability to access your peacefulness even in the most trying of situations, so that the trials of life will not overwhelm you with their complexities and complications. May the peace within you always be a source of comfort and security, always there to help you maintain a healthy perspective on life. Many people go through their entire lives never looking for peace, and thus never feeling it inside of themselves, but I hope that you're able not only to search it out, but to find it and allow it to be a part of yourself."   Living Life Fully 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Real Worth

     Finding happiness depends on what a person is, what he wants himself to be and what his values and beliefs are.
     My quest for happiness focuses on my spirituality - my profound belief in God. In Him I find an understanding that I did not find in some other areas which I once considered I could gather wisdom from.
     Like for example, I once believed in order to find myself worthy I have to prove this worth by achieving something great. But no. God touches my heart and lets me know I do not have to do anything to prove my worth. I am already a worthy person - worth dying for by His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. Here I find my true worth.
     The very good thing is, I don't have to do anything. This lifts the burden and pressure off my shoulder. Of course, This does not mean I am free to do what I considered not good. This means I have the freedom to do everything good - not to feel worthy but to express God's goodness. It is not I doing the good thing; it is God's goodness flowing through me. It is where my will and God's will become one; it is the letting go and the letting it be; it is the creature submitting to its creator. Then and only then happiness and tranquility like a river flow.

"I wish you peace--peace of mind and peace of heart that will allow you to experience life with an equanimity that others simply do not know, an inner peace that others will see and feel, and that will help them to find their own peace on their own terms."  Living Life Fully

Monday, April 5, 2010


     Happiness is not a goal.
     It is a reward that comes with achieving a goal.
     Therefore, strive not to be happy;
     Strive rather to live life fully.
     For when you do, happiness comes abundantly,
     Emanating within you and touching those you meet.

"I wish you the ability to enjoy truly the company  of those who are dear to you. May your relationships be deep and fulfilling, and may you enjoy fully each moment that you are able to share with them. May you be able to share your intimate and important thoughts and feelings --your faith, your doubts, your joys, your difficulties, your accomplishments and achievements, your failures and your discouragement. Sharing these aspects of ourselves allows us to be fulfilled and complete; allowing others to share these parts of themselves allows them to be fulfilled and complete."  Living Life Fully

Sunday, April 4, 2010


     We are all lights. We are lights enclosed in what we call human bodies. Our lights are able to recognize other people's lights. When we fail to see the light in someone, it does not mean he has lost his light; it means we forget to keep our light shining. For when we keep our lights shining, others would remember to keep their light shining which they have so long forgotten.

"I wish you the ability to discern, the ability to recognize your true friends and to see the differences between them and those people who only pretend to be friends. May you develop the supremacy necessary to deal with all people fairly and justly, no matter their relationship to you, for in this way you will maintain your peace of mind and others will find their dealings with you to be pleasant and fulfilling."    Living Life Fully

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