Saturday, October 4, 2014

Big Challenge

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Silent for awhile. Got busy with day job. But a little happy. One of the goals I am to hit for this year is developing my life fully; creating myself once again, developing my skills and talents, improving everything in me. But I have the difficulty in achieving that flow because there is that part of my activity that I do not so much love. It is because the achievement in this area depends not only on my efforts but also of other people. You know, I so firmly believe that the improvement of one person must stem from deep, deep, deep within. It must be a struggle as if of life and death. No one tries hard enough to improve himself because it is expected of him, but because that is what he WANTS to happen in his life, whether others would benefit from it or not. In my present situation, honestly, I have doubts if we would make it as a team. You would affirm with me if I say, even if one person in a team gives one hundred percent of his efforts perfectly while the other sixty percent in the group does not, the results would still be futile and devastating, right? I do not want to sound negative. I am just realistic for I know all too well the group I am with. I do not degrade the abilities of my teammates, I just doubt their determination. Success is all about determination and will and grit. If these things are missing, the opposite happens. Yes, there is what we call influence and encouragement. If I am that confident to do my best, would my determination encourage others? To those who want to take action it would be very much possible. But to those who want only the results but do not take action, we already know what it is going to be. Besides what would the feet, and the arms, and the ears could do if the head is not willing?

I just hope and pray our team would make it. I still have doubts. But the best thing I can do, is do my own thing and try hard enough to save the team and achieve our goals. To glory!

Get Happy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grateful Monday


Beautiful Monday everyone! I choose to start my week with beauty, happiness and thanksgiving. Everything belongs to God, so are our days. Let us thank Him for a beautiful week ahead. His blessings are coming, let us be grateful.

Get Happy!

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