Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happiness Happens

I'm so grateful this week for so many blessings God did bestow on me: happiness does happen, having communicated with my long lost friends, finding myself, and discovering some helpful tips from the net.

Happiness does happen
We all know happiness does happen. But it would not happen by chance. In my case it happened because I gave effort to making it happen. The first thing I did was choosing happiness and saying, "yes, I will make happiness happen in my life." That was what I call my WILL. I willed to become happy and so did I.
The second thing was identifying the thing that barred me from becoming happy. One of the things that kept me from being happy was fear. I had so much fear and lived with fear since childhood. God helped me face my fears and strengthened my faith in Him. I have just chosen to work it out.
The third was learning from Michael Anthony about the effect of physiology in reference to happiness. Upon knowing how my body reacted to certain factors especially my brain, I then reversed my self-talk. Instead of the usual negative thought I focused on, I find ways to make those destructive thoughts become positive and constructive. I was so glad I did make it.
My happiness chart is growing slowly, yet it is a big thing to me. For at last I am moving upward instead of downward.

Reunited with friends of long ago 
One advantage of the internet is finding friends through the social networks it offered. I am so glad I am one of those people blessed enough with very dear friends and actually communicated with them after six long years. Thanks to I found ate Anj and Amie last Monday.

Finding myself
Being married and having a two-year old toddler sometimes deny me of having precious time with myself. This made me depress at times. However, this week I could say I was at home with myself. The very act of praying and positive self-talking did help. Perhaps communication with true friends did help too.

Helpful sites
Some of my favorite sites are and This sites too made remarkable impact on my quest for happiness. It has been easier for me to work with happiness with the help of these sites.

Tips from the net
I consider myself a blogger. I just found out that bloggers had been categorized into five types: journal blogger, hobby blogger, google blogger, value blogger and an overlapping of these four. Journal bloggers are those who write any thing under the sun. Hobby bloggers are those who write tips on a certain kind of hobby. Google bloggers are those who aim much on financial gains and write with the purpose of being crawled easily by search engines. Value bloggers are those who prioritize content, branding and service. They are the ones who see to it that readers could gain insights and tips from what they write. The overlapping type are those characterized by two or more of those four types.You could read more on this in this link.
While aiming for financial gain is not wrong since we need money to keep us living, we also should not degrade ourselves by forgetting our purpose of living in this world. Right results always follow right actions. So, why do the wrong thing in the first place.
Anyway, I am not raising my own chair. I am just standing for my beliefs. And I do hope I belong to the value blogger ones.

Get happy!:-)

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