Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nothingness And Beyond

        Just couldn't grasp it all. My humanity pulls me to take care of my body; provide it's needs, make it presentable. But then the other side of me asks, why worry of things that will perish? My body will perish. Yes, I have to take good care of it. Give it something to eat, clothe it, put shelter upon it's head. However, I noticed that I am going a little beyond. I'm starting to worry what to wear, how to look good. In short, I am taking care of my body just to be appreciated by everyone. Yeah, it feels good to be admired. But, does it pay when the very money I use for it could also be used for other important things like putting it in a savings that may be used later in case of emergency? Or when some needs arises? I noticed in myself that I am trying to keep up with the fad and fashion. Well, perhaps not that exaggerated, but I also have my fair share of worries about these things that is why I am trying to cope up. 

     I'm a student of success. Success tells me to dress well, to be presentable. How far is being presentable? How does being presentable looks like nowadays? Is being presentable still using an old fashion dress with grace? I don't know. 

     Fullness of spirit is telling me to be brave enough to accept nothingness. This world does not know nothingness. The only nothingness it knows is lacking the material things that the people of nowadays possess; like having a touchscreen cellphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, car, designer bags and shoes, etc., etc. The list could go on and on and on. But nothingness is speaking in my heart. It tells me to not worry what to wear. A fashionable dress couldn't bring me to heaven. It couldn't even allow me to fulfill my Divine Assignment either. Nothingness is telling me to focus, to keep my eyes on the road ahead. Nothingness is telling me to keep still and weigh once again the things that matter. 

     How would I walk in this world and still having a grip on nothingness? Nothingness is whispering in my ear. It says I could have fullness of life if I will use it as my cane as I travel upon this earth. It tells me to forget about fame, to forget about pride, to forget about dignity. All those things are nothing. Every good thing that shines just lure a person. All good things come from God, for He alone is good. Yet, how does God defines goodness? How does man defines goodness? Every good thing seems to defy a person. A person aspires goodness for some other reason. Yeah, everything matters on what is inside the heart. If goodness resides in a person's heart there is no need for him to look for it because it is already there. It comes out just quite naturally. But if a person has not yet found goodness in his heart he will look for it in some other place. He will do everything to have it. And when he believes he already possesses it, he will prove all his might to show how good he is. 

     Let's return to nothingness. It hasn't left me yet. Nothingness tells me, if I were to do my Divine Assignment, I would BE who I AM. I would be a "nothingness" in this world. 

     Sad, I am. Would I? It's why I'm here in this world in the very first place; to prove how divine "nothingness" is. I just come to fall in love with the world that is why it is hard on my part to break away my relationship with it. It is hard to give it up. But I should listen to nothingness. I am here because of it. It says time is running out. My body is no longer getting any younger. I should listen, then do what I have to. 

     Perhaps you are wondering what this "nothingness" is that I'm talking about, let me define it in ways I can. In a lay man's term "nothingness" is just nothing, void, empty, lacking. The "nothingness" that I'm talking about is the fullness of everything. It's the same as the Christian song that goes, "lose yourself in me, and you will find yourself". It's this losing of the self that we would find our true self. It's what the sages call dis-attachment. I hope I've given the word justice. It's the closest I could define. It's closer to detachment--to detach oneself from something it has been attached to. In short, in my case, I have to detach myself from my attachments into this world. It is in detachment I could truly fulfill my Divine Assignment.

     This is why "nothingness" is calling me. It says I should return to the very purpose why I'm being sent into this world. One thing to know this calling is listening to the stirrings of the Spirit. The Spirit within of me is using "nothingness" to remind me of my true purpose, which all of us have. Perhaps you would not understand what I am talking about. Perhaps one day, you would.

Get Happy!

Monday, September 1, 2014



In this world, most of the things that seem to be are not really what they are. You can only see the real thing if you look with your heart and not your eyes. Your eyes are misleading. Thus, you should not waste time in regrets for not doing the things that you think you should do; or achieve the things, which you believe, you should have achieved. If you can, live each day with your heart. 

God speaks in your heart. In everything, you should listen with it. You must not be misled to think that because your time now is different from that of fifty years ago, you are much better; or that the principles of long ago is no longer applicable this time. The principles are still the same. You still admire the peaceful sunrise or the gentle sunset which your ancestors have also admired. Stay with a principle; live with a principle; and allow not your life to be wasted to naught. 

You should always open your eyes; accept the gift that God has given you, for that is the very reason why you live. Always believe that your life is beautiful, and when you do, God will open your eyes to more beautiful things. 

Live. Just live. For a purpose. For a reason. You are not an animal that is designed to feed only the body. You are a human designed to feed also the soul.  You have a soul; you believe in that. Feel it. Live it. 

These words are written especially for you who is writing this. For in this world, the things that you mostly discover are the things that you mostly seek. So if you, a reader of this words, whoever you are feel that these words also speak to you, perhaps you share with the thoughts of the writer. Only that your searchings have not come openly. And only then those words ring a bell when someone has presented it before your eyes. If these words ring a bell in your ears and in your heart, be merry for it took a lifetime of this writer to find the truth which she so painfully seeks all her life. 

Material things could make you feel and live comfortably. But let it not be the first in your priority list, for you do not have forever to live your life. As is written in the Bible, "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and everything shall be added unto you."

However, if these words are alien to you dear reader, my prayers be upon you that God may open your heart that you may see the truth given to the wise and hidden from the fools. Remember, in this world are many illusions. Often you are mislead. Open your eyes and heart wide. When you are ready to receive God's wisdom, He will grant it to you in abundance. 

Get Happy!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Key


     Imagine that you are alone in an island. Not quite new, right? We always see this picture or image or scene in a movie where most of the actor survives in a shipwreck. He is saved; only to find himself all alone in an unknown island. Quite frightening, huh? We could not imagine what are we gonna do if ever we are the one in that kind of situation. But have you come to think, 'hey what if I'll enjoy for awhile. I'm so alone. Thank God I have a time all by myself. Let me enjoy this for a while. Anyway, this is only an imagination, right?' But no, we do not think this way. Even the thought of it paralyzes us. 

     Why? Because we do not want to be alone. We need someone. We always need someone. Because we entrust to people the key to our life. This key should be in our hands. But we don't want to hold it. We prefer to give it to others, that what may happen in our lives we always have someone to blame. We always have reasons why we fail. We do not want to be responsible with ourselves, so to speak. 

     But you know my newest realization is? That you and I hold the key to our success or failure. It is all in the mind. It is in our belief system. It is in our relationship with God. If we discern so much the spirit of God within us, we become truly awake to the truth-- that God has given us the strength to carry that key that  holds our future. We would no longer need anybody who has lesser knowledge of our life. Only then we would fully become responsible for ourselves. And the most beautiful thing is, when the key to our life is in our hands, God would teach us how to unlock the good possibilities as well as his greatness within us. Hope you are now prepared to hold your key and own it, finally.

     Get Happy!

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