Monday, September 1, 2014



In this world, most of the things that seem to be are not really what they are. You can only see the real thing if you look with your heart and not your eyes. Your eyes are misleading. Thus, you should not waste time in regrets for not doing the things that you think you should do; or achieve the things, which you believe, you should have achieved. If you can, live each day with your heart. 

God speaks in your heart. In everything, you should listen with it. You must not be misled to think that because your time now is different from that of fifty years ago, you are much better; or that the principles of long ago is no longer applicable this time. The principles are still the same. You still admire the peaceful sunrise or the gentle sunset which your ancestors have also admired. Stay with a principle; live with a principle; and allow not your life to be wasted to naught. 

You should always open your eyes; accept the gift that God has given you, for that is the very reason why you live. Always believe that your life is beautiful, and when you do, God will open your eyes to more beautiful things. 

Live. Just live. For a purpose. For a reason. You are not an animal that is designed to feed only the body. You are a human designed to feed also the soul.  You have a soul; you believe in that. Feel it. Live it. 

These words are written especially for you who is writing this. For in this world, the things that you mostly discover are the things that you mostly seek. So if you, a reader of this words, whoever you are feel that these words also speak to you, perhaps you share with the thoughts of the writer. Only that your searchings have not come openly. And only then those words ring a bell when someone has presented it before your eyes. If these words ring a bell in your ears and in your heart, be merry for it took a lifetime of this writer to find the truth which she so painfully seeks all her life. 

Material things could make you feel and live comfortably. But let it not be the first in your priority list, for you do not have forever to live your life. As is written in the Bible, "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and everything shall be added unto you."

However, if these words are alien to you dear reader, my prayers be upon you that God may open your heart that you may see the truth given to the wise and hidden from the fools. Remember, in this world are many illusions. Often you are mislead. Open your eyes and heart wide. When you are ready to receive God's wisdom, He will grant it to you in abundance. 

Get Happy!

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