Saturday, July 23, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Third Lesson

Lesson Number Twenty-Three: Be eccentric now.  Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

Whatever it is we want to do today, whether it be wearing purple, maroon or flowery printed dresses, let's wear it now. In the old times, those who used to wear purple dresses are the older ladies. Now time has changed. Why wait for us growing old when we can do it now?

 Our time is the time of the 'eccentrics'. Eccentric personality is already accepted now. Gone are the days of the conventional. Gone are the days of the self-righteous, older people. As long as what we are doing can make us happy, and no one is hurt by our achieving happiness and fulfillment, then go let us be happy and to things that can make us much happier. 

Now is the time to be free. So, why not celebrate this freedom. Let us set aside the thought of what others might think of our actions because it is not other people's thoughts that can make us happy. If we are truly happy, other people will feel that and they too, can benefit from our happiness. For we are all connected. No one can say no to happiness. Happiness is a light. When we have the light on our faces, no one is able to refrain away from it. This light inside us is contagious. When others see it, they are able to light the candles inside their souls and start passing that light to others. 

Why wait? Do it now. Start passing the light. Wear purple and be happy.

Get happy! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Second Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Two: Overprepare, then go with the flow.

Someone once said, "If you can't beat them, join them." This is one example of going with the flow. Sometimes we go with the flow not because we don't have a decision of our own, but because it is the best thing for everyone else. We might not be consistent when we stand against something until we give up and go with it. As long as that something is not bad, then why not, for once, throw our hands up in the air, forget our self, smile and just 'go with the flow'. 

Of course, we have to prepare for whatever it is we are planning to do. As Regina Brett put it, 'overprepare'. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. We could never be beaten over something when we are prepared for it. This is also what one wise person meant when he said, 'Expect for the best, but prepare for the worst.' There we have it. Prepare, overprepare, then flow...

Get happy!   

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-First Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-One: Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie.  Don't save it for a special occasion.  Today is special.

'Today is special'. Everyday is special. 

When we were young back then, our mother used to set aside expensive plates, glasses and kitchen utensils for special occasions. We couldn't help but just stare at those nice things inside the cabinet wondering when would we be able to use those things. How wonderful would it be to eat on such fancy plates and drink in that fancy glasses. The most frustrating thing was that, we never get to use them. Because when those special occasions came, it were the guests who were allowed to use those things and not us. Till now, I'm still wondering how would those fancy utensils feel in my dainty hands.

Now that I have my own family and live in my own home, I also have those 'special things' for 'special occasions'. The only difference I have with my mother is that, from time to time I would allow my family to use those special stuffs in our dinner table. I don't care if my kids would break one or two. I don't care if my husband would break one too. I don't care if I would break some too. What matters much is that, my family could use my special stuffs because they are also special. We are special. And everyday is special.

In my home, nothing is so special as to save it for special occasions. Because I and my husband always see to it that we could get the best even if it could never be the best in the market; as long as it is the best that we could afford. And whatever it is we consider best, we use it in our home. 
It always boosts our happiness and contentment when we know we are using what we consider special. So go on, use that special stuff and feel special everyday.

Get happy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twentieth Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty: When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.

Everybody has a dream. This is our mission in life. And whatever our mission is, it is the very thing that we love to do and be. We are not here in this beautiful planet of ours for nothing. We are here for a mission. One way of knowing what our mission is, is by knowing our dreams and go after it. 
Sometimes and more often, we are distracted by our environment and the people around us. In short, we are easily influenced by everything that we see around us. This often leads us to walking the wrong path away from our dreams and missions in life. However, if the desire for whatever it is that we love is so strong, we could go after it no matter what, whoever gets in our way, and how many arrows may point against us.  

The good thing is, we can always call on our loving God for our guidance. He was the one who sent us in this beautiful world, He is also the perfect one able to point us the right way to our mission. Whatever it is that we love, we could go after it with the help of our loving and almighty God.   

Get happy!

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