Saturday, September 5, 2009

Like Attracts Like

     It has been said that birds of the same feather flock together. Well let me put it more accurately, birds of the same feather attract each other. This is what happened to me. As you can see I really take life seriously. And I am more interested in doing things that has to do with the growth of my spirituality and of the people around me. Yep, I could not influence others who have different interests from mine. In return they also could not influence me. At least, I just do what makes me happy and let others be.

     Anyway, I am a great fan of Bo Sanchez, the founder of Kerygma Magazine and many other non-government organizations. He is a famous Christian speaker actually. Just yesterday I received an email from him inviting me to join his circle of friends in his new website. Of course I was so excited and so pleased to recieve such invitation. I joined immediately.

     Thus I do believe there is a power in the universe which create links of like minded-people to find each  other. Others say it is the law of self-fulfilling prophecy wherein what you think would come to you. Well, I really was thinking of good friends, blessings and goodness. And it came to pass. I now have a great friend!(^~^)

     Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Perfect" Thing

"There is no such thing as perfect", we always hear it being said. We agree of course. Yet we are a stupid race. If we do believe in it so heartily, then why are beauty clinics and operations for the sake of beauty enhancements are the "in" thing nowadays? It becomes normal for someone to correct ones physical "imperfection."

However, the perfect thing that we are always after of is not only physical but also spiritual. I, for one, once believed that if I would just be as enlightened as Buddha I would be as perfect a human being could be. To my dismay I discovered I was just chasing winds; for enlightenment is not something that one could catch in the act, rather it is what catches us in the act. It is not something we hold. It is something that holds us. I even thought spiritual perfection is the absence of problems within one's self. But no, it is not. Problems are always there because "there is no such thing as perfect."

There is only one thing: spiritual pursuit is a big help in overcoming the vicissitudes of life. We are not only physical beings but spiritual as well. If we could not correct our physical appearance without using money, spiritually we can. More specifically, we need nothing to achieve spiritual "perfection", only a deep-seated will and an open heart. God is always available. We just have to give time.

I may not be spiritually perfect, but I am happy pursuing it. For me perfection does not mean a thing; for "perfection" is just an empty word. What matters most is the ecstasy and fulfillment and oneness that I feel whenever I feel the God-within holding me. During those times even the word "perfection" is not enough to describe the feelings associated therewith.

Have a happy day!

"Aha" Moment

Have you heard about what they call "aha" moment? It is a moment in which you feel so okay regardless of your surroundings and of the circumstances you are in. This moment is a natural gift to spiritually mature people or the enlightened ones as how they call it.

I used to feel it sometimes during those times I considered as my peak moments, when I was still free from the sharp fangs of life. However, as I went deeper into the "real" world my focus shifted more on physical than on spiritual. How it happened was a long story.

Anyway, I was so joyful for yesterday I felt the "aha" feeling suddenly. Though It was only a fleeting second, the moment seemed to last forever. And I felt, Oh wow! And it was gone. And I felt so okay. It felt as if I did not care about the world; for I felt deep inside no matter what happens I was under God's care. Even until now the memory of the feeling still lingers. And the assurance that God is holding me is enough for me to say, yeah everything is okay.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Life's Little Lessons

I am not much at ease this time. We have a neighbor who is suffering right now of kidney failure. It is quite unnerving to see such person whose physical state is slowly deteriorating, much more to hear her moan in pain. Her pain is not only physical, but also emotional. Perhaps this emotional pain is what makes her immune system weak. I've known others who suffered the same disease she has; yet managed to live longer because of a deep faith in God and the presence of a loving family.

Our neighbor's family is not much considered as a happy one. She got married in her thirties and bore one son who died in the ship while on duty. The most painful part is, her husband has other woman and repeatedly brought the woman in their house and let her sleep there. I always see the woman myself whenever she is around. I don't know why her husband had such courage to do it in her presence. Some say it is due to bad karma because our neighbor is not that "good" one during her younger years when she still has lots of money. I really don't know the real story behind such unlikely happenings in their family. I can only draw lessons from them.

We all know how to be good. We all know how to believe in God. We all know that we should pray in order for God's blessing to be poured upon us. Yet, why are there people who are living a life in which we fail to see God in them? I guess, it's because what we are inside is what will manifest outside. Living a life is not knowing alone; rather living a life is acting on what we know and believe.

I could not tell if my neighbor failed in her life because I don't know her thoughts and the kind of relationship she has with God. Also, I meet her only in her twilight years. Thus I do not know much how her life goes. My neighbor just taught me not to do the mistakes she did. Her life taught me to take care of my family and to cherish much every moment I spend with my son, because I know we would not be with each other forever in this world. Moreover, she taught me I should love myself that others would love me instead of abuse me the way she was abused. Finally, she taught me to love life and cherish life while I still have the capacity and the chance to do so.

Keep living!

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