Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Perfect" Thing

"There is no such thing as perfect", we always hear it being said. We agree of course. Yet we are a stupid race. If we do believe in it so heartily, then why are beauty clinics and operations for the sake of beauty enhancements are the "in" thing nowadays? It becomes normal for someone to correct ones physical "imperfection."

However, the perfect thing that we are always after of is not only physical but also spiritual. I, for one, once believed that if I would just be as enlightened as Buddha I would be as perfect a human being could be. To my dismay I discovered I was just chasing winds; for enlightenment is not something that one could catch in the act, rather it is what catches us in the act. It is not something we hold. It is something that holds us. I even thought spiritual perfection is the absence of problems within one's self. But no, it is not. Problems are always there because "there is no such thing as perfect."

There is only one thing: spiritual pursuit is a big help in overcoming the vicissitudes of life. We are not only physical beings but spiritual as well. If we could not correct our physical appearance without using money, spiritually we can. More specifically, we need nothing to achieve spiritual "perfection", only a deep-seated will and an open heart. God is always available. We just have to give time.

I may not be spiritually perfect, but I am happy pursuing it. For me perfection does not mean a thing; for "perfection" is just an empty word. What matters most is the ecstasy and fulfillment and oneness that I feel whenever I feel the God-within holding me. During those times even the word "perfection" is not enough to describe the feelings associated therewith.

Have a happy day!

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