Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Water In My Comfort Room

     Today I'm sharing a little bit of my privacy.
     Have you ever find comfort in being inside the comfort room? I guess, all of us do. Well then, let me ask you this question, "having been alone in this room of unstoppable desires, have you noticed any life form, except of course for some stray lizards, mosquitoes or even cockroaches?" It was only yesterday that I did. I noticed the freshly  flowing water from the faucet. Of course, it is considered as a life form since it contains minerals needed by our bodies to keep us healthy.
     Anyways, I just thought, what if water has feelings? What if water has the right to choose from where it would flow? If this would be the case, all of it would like to flow to the oceans or rivers; others with more nobler thoughts would choose to water the gardens, offer drinks to animals, or go to bathrooms to give us cool baths. But would there be any part of it who would choose to flow to the comfort room, wash our excrement and clean our butts? I doubt if there would be. Perhaps, if they could have feelings, the moment we splash it onto our butts to clean it, it would shout, "Oh no! No! No! Yak!" Spending our time inside a comfort room would be uncomfortable then.  
     As I gazed at the flowing water yesterday with all of its freshness, offering all it could give, it seemed to tell me, "here I am at your service, use me as you wish." To feel it cleansing me after a thorough comfort room activity was so soothing. And I am so thankful for the water that is deprived of feelings like man. God really has purpose for every creations, especially for some without feelings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


     Sometimes we just have to flow with the rhythm of life. We may have our own schedules and plans to attain the highest and noblest goals we have ever imagined, yet sometimes we just have to give up with these ideals and flow with the beauty of life that comes naturally and spontaneously.
      I don't believe we were born incompletely. I believe we were born with all the good things that were already inherent within us; only that as we grew, we forgot all these things, having our attention focused much with what was being taught to us. Thus we forgot our own unique beauty. Then, when we were old enough to know that something was wrong with us, came these more awakened people teaching us what to do to be who we want to be. In part they were right. However, too much attention with their words led us to forget that we, too, have what they have. We just forgot how. Then, we came to believe their way is the only way, thus their words we must follow.
     But the beauty in everything comes with our own discovery, our own way of discovery. No matter how much we broadcast and describe the beauty that we see, no one would ever appreciate it more than we do, because only us can see beautiful things with our own eyes. Only us; we could not do it for others; others could not do it for us. Sure, we need mentors - but only to inspire us, not to enlighten us, for in truth they could not.
     While we flow with people who promised to help open our eyes discover our capacities and realize our potentialities, we must not forget first and foremost to flow with life and nature. It has more answers to our questions if we but listen to it. And let us never ever forget that we are part of this rhythm of life.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After The Storm

     After the storm we are still left quite...unable to not know where and how to start life again. When we look around, everything's fine. Everybody goes out with their business, and the world's okay. Why, it is our own storm we are suffering, concealed from anyone around. Though there may be one or two who know, yet it's our own storm not theirs. They could only sympathized, and it ends there.
     Sometimes, we even question our own sanity. Are we okay? Are we functioning well? Why the lapse in attitude? No one could answer except ourselves. We know how we did our best, yet there come a point when we reach our limitations. No matter how much we try to do more because it is expected from us, there is that tired soul within unable to respond, unable to function well, thus the collapse. And after the unwanted burst follows the guilt; so many questions why, why was I unable to contain myself. We are afraid to ask others, fearing they make us feel guilty the more for showing our worst selves. Then we feel alone, so alone as if nobody cares us except ourselves. We just hold on with life because we are supposed to. We are not supposed to give up. We are supposed to get up, move on as if nothing happens. If we are successful in doing that, another chapter in our lives open. And again we would start from the very beginning, be the persons we would like ourselves to be, as well as the persons others expected us to be. If we might fail again, start again...and again...and again...  
     Ahhhhh, life...   

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Particular Season

"Life, like any other exciting story, is bound to have painful and scary parts, boring and depressing parts, but it's a brilliant story, and it's up to us how it will turn out in the end." ~ Bo Lozoff 

".....I do not do the things I want to do; yet I do the things I do not want to do...."
No matter how I try to make things good and to make myself  the good person I want, I still slip. Yeah it's part of being human. I may not like it, but I have to accept it. What could I expect from me when I am just a human being? How could I expect myself to be perfect when perfection is not in my system? There is no way I could fool myself and God. I am imperfect and could never be, that I may seek God always in my imperfection. For if I am already perfect why would I need God when I do not need anything? God made me imperfect because He needs me to need Him. And like any other story, I am now in pain, in deep sorrow. But this is not the end. This is just for now. Tomorrow when I wake up, God will hold my hand and lead me to a brand new day.   

Monday, April 12, 2010


MSN. encarta defines conception as something conceived in mind; conceiving of young: the fertilization of an egg by a sperm at the beginning of pregnancy. While I define it as something created within and in due time is given out or comes out through birth. What is being conceived within is being nourished and nurtured to make it healthy and be developed.
Every person is being conceived first and given birth in due time. Adam was conceived by God and given birth in a different process in the story of creation. Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit through the Blessed Virgin Mary. We should be thankful for in all these conceptions.
However, there are conceptions that are dangerous to man if he is unaware-the conceptions of the mind. All human beings are capable of these conceptions in the mind. Evil intent was first conceived in the mind and given birth through action. Those who conceived greed give birth to it and ended up killing bothers ans sisters, or anyone who comes his way in filling up this greed. Those who conceived selfish passions and desires give birth to it and ended up immoral and full of vices. For anything that is conceived by the mind will come to its maturity and be given birth.
If we were to live a blameless life and a holy life, we must be aware of what we allow our minds to conceive, because whatever it is, in due time it would seek its own birth. This is our nature; we are always conceiving and giving birth.If we want to give birth to love, we have to conceive it first. If we want to give birth to peace, we have to conceive it first. Our mind is always conceiving, thus we must select ..."whatever is true, honest, honorable, of good repute..." that we be mothers and fathers of good conception.
 "I wish you forgiveness, both the power to forgive and the wisdom and strength to seek forgiveness. One of the most powerful forces in the world, forgiveness frees us from anger, resentment, and the lack of peace that results from these emotions." ~ Living Life Fully

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dark Sky

As I look up at the dark sky,
With the moon that so brightly shines,
I feel a tinge of missingness,
From the place where I came.
The space that separates us in between,
Seems to speak: come home, come home.
This feeling of familiarity and homesickness,
To the darkness of the sky and its vastness,
Gives me hope and strength-
That yes, I am only temporary in this world;
That whatever comfort this world can offer to anyone,
Is incomparable to the comfort and oneness,
That God can offer to those who gently go back to Him.
As I gaze up,
It seems to be purely nothingness above,
But it is in that nothingness,
That I feel the oneness with God.
"Most of us live in an era of unprecedented possibilities and potential, and one factor that can help to determine our success is our level of gratitude. Those who proceed through life without recognizing the blessings that have been bestowed upon them through effort not of their own live empty lives, always wondering why their own efforts do not result in happiness or fulfillment, while those who feel gratitude for the sunsets, the cool breezes, the time spent with friends, the smiles and laughter of children, the kind words of others, the touches of rain and of sun--these are the people that see life as an on-going procession of miracles that we truly are blessed to be able to experience." ~ Living Life Fully

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