Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Water In My Comfort Room

     Today I'm sharing a little bit of my privacy.
     Have you ever find comfort in being inside the comfort room? I guess, all of us do. Well then, let me ask you this question, "having been alone in this room of unstoppable desires, have you noticed any life form, except of course for some stray lizards, mosquitoes or even cockroaches?" It was only yesterday that I did. I noticed the freshly  flowing water from the faucet. Of course, it is considered as a life form since it contains minerals needed by our bodies to keep us healthy.
     Anyways, I just thought, what if water has feelings? What if water has the right to choose from where it would flow? If this would be the case, all of it would like to flow to the oceans or rivers; others with more nobler thoughts would choose to water the gardens, offer drinks to animals, or go to bathrooms to give us cool baths. But would there be any part of it who would choose to flow to the comfort room, wash our excrement and clean our butts? I doubt if there would be. Perhaps, if they could have feelings, the moment we splash it onto our butts to clean it, it would shout, "Oh no! No! No! Yak!" Spending our time inside a comfort room would be uncomfortable then.  
     As I gazed at the flowing water yesterday with all of its freshness, offering all it could give, it seemed to tell me, "here I am at your service, use me as you wish." To feel it cleansing me after a thorough comfort room activity was so soothing. And I am so thankful for the water that is deprived of feelings like man. God really has purpose for every creations, especially for some without feelings.

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