Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dark Sky

As I look up at the dark sky,
With the moon that so brightly shines,
I feel a tinge of missingness,
From the place where I came.
The space that separates us in between,
Seems to speak: come home, come home.
This feeling of familiarity and homesickness,
To the darkness of the sky and its vastness,
Gives me hope and strength-
That yes, I am only temporary in this world;
That whatever comfort this world can offer to anyone,
Is incomparable to the comfort and oneness,
That God can offer to those who gently go back to Him.
As I gaze up,
It seems to be purely nothingness above,
But it is in that nothingness,
That I feel the oneness with God.
"Most of us live in an era of unprecedented possibilities and potential, and one factor that can help to determine our success is our level of gratitude. Those who proceed through life without recognizing the blessings that have been bestowed upon them through effort not of their own live empty lives, always wondering why their own efforts do not result in happiness or fulfillment, while those who feel gratitude for the sunsets, the cool breezes, the time spent with friends, the smiles and laughter of children, the kind words of others, the touches of rain and of sun--these are the people that see life as an on-going procession of miracles that we truly are blessed to be able to experience." ~ Living Life Fully

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