Thursday, April 15, 2010


     Sometimes we just have to flow with the rhythm of life. We may have our own schedules and plans to attain the highest and noblest goals we have ever imagined, yet sometimes we just have to give up with these ideals and flow with the beauty of life that comes naturally and spontaneously.
      I don't believe we were born incompletely. I believe we were born with all the good things that were already inherent within us; only that as we grew, we forgot all these things, having our attention focused much with what was being taught to us. Thus we forgot our own unique beauty. Then, when we were old enough to know that something was wrong with us, came these more awakened people teaching us what to do to be who we want to be. In part they were right. However, too much attention with their words led us to forget that we, too, have what they have. We just forgot how. Then, we came to believe their way is the only way, thus their words we must follow.
     But the beauty in everything comes with our own discovery, our own way of discovery. No matter how much we broadcast and describe the beauty that we see, no one would ever appreciate it more than we do, because only us can see beautiful things with our own eyes. Only us; we could not do it for others; others could not do it for us. Sure, we need mentors - but only to inspire us, not to enlighten us, for in truth they could not.
     While we flow with people who promised to help open our eyes discover our capacities and realize our potentialities, we must not forget first and foremost to flow with life and nature. It has more answers to our questions if we but listen to it. And let us never ever forget that we are part of this rhythm of life.  

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