Sunday, April 26, 2009

How To Be Happy

Next week I'll be starting a series of blog which would change my destiny and your destiny. I am here for the mere reason of searching happiness and so are you. Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness because this is what I am here for in this world. If you choose happiness too, then join me in my journey.

Becoming Happy
My series of blog is inspired by Micahel Anthony's ebook "How To Be Happy And Have Fun Changing The World." I already finished reading the book and I am giving it all thumbs up. I have been trying to connect myself to happiness for so many years. The reason I was not yet successful was the fact that I am on the wrong track. It is just like prescribing a wrong medicine to a certain disease; no matter how effective the medicine is, if it is not the right one for a certain kind of disease, it would still be worthless. This is true with me. I have read many good books about spirituality and healing by really enlightened individuals. I would be enlightened for a moment; but after the excitement is gone and my disease is triggered by the toxins of the mind I would return to my old weak self. The good thing is, I still do not lose hope of becoming happy, really, really happy.
Happiness Is...
One way of knowing happiness is by defining it. What is happiness for me? My own definition of happiness is, it is a state whereby I would be at peace and truly united with myself no matter what the circumstances are. It is a state where there are no conditions, no what ifs, no fears. One step of putting this definition into action is by scraping the barriers to happiness, taking out what causes unhappiness and eliminating it one by one. This I will do on my next blog. And I am following some of the steps of Michael Anthony.
The Way To Happiness
The hardest thing on changing one's destiny the way I am doing now, is not lacking the knowledge of the how to's; rather it is putting into action the how to's slowly, daily. Unhappiness caused by fears thrived for so long and is accumulated by just small things. With the passage of time it has grown enormously until one's destiny just like mine is already misdirected. It is only when I bumped so hard into reality that I awaken and realized something is wrong with myself. I believe in a good God; yet I am not happy. I believe that God wants me to become the person He destined me to be. I believe God created no mediocre. If I feel being a mediocre right now it only means I have not yet grown into the kind of person God created me to be. The choice for growth is mine and does not depend on God for God is always there for me.
God Is Happiness
God is happiness and pure bliss. If I am not yet fully happy now does not mean God is not with me. God is with me, I just have to take away from me anything that does not belong to God. I already identified the causes of my unhappiness; to take it slowly from me the way it enslaved me is what I will write on my next post.
Get Happy!:)

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