Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Way To Happiness

Most people are searching for happiness. They're looking for it. They're trying to find it in someone or something outside of themselves. That's a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way you think. ~ Wayne Dyer

For most of us who are on the business of seriously pursuing happiness, we may say it is elusive. To know that happiness is something that we are and comes from the way we think, might be easy to accept. Yet, the way to knowing that happiness inside of us, is so difficult to digest. Because we are filled with so many information about how to achieve ultimate happiness. We came to believe this information and to the wise words of people who are more aware than us. Until we forgot to believe our own capacities. We forgot to consider looking for that happiness inside of us.     
It might be true that happiness is inside of us. Yet before we fully realize this, we have to first let go of our old beliefs of what happiness is. We must first have to let go of our old beliefs of how to achieve happiness. In short, it would take us to be tired of everything that others are saying, until we just shrug our shoulders and say I quit. I quit pursuing happiness. Then and there our thoughts be cleared. When our mind is free of everything, it is then we are able to think clearly. And who knows, it would be the time for us to hear the voice of happiness, whispering in the deepest part of us, waiting to be recognized? 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Look not your greatness outside of you,
Rather search that greatness within of you.
Long not for people to consider you great,
Because if you do,
It has nothing to do with you;
It has something to do with them.
The realization is not in you, it's in them.
And when these people who consider you great,
Would someday be gone,
From whom would you get to hear
That you are being great?
Search for that greatness within.
When you finally find it,
There is no need for you to announce it;
It announces itself without you being aware.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Neighbor's Idle Yard

     I have a neighbor who is a widower. And he takes not proper care of his idle yard. We often would say, what a waste. He could plant vegetables in his yard to make it useful and be look tidy.
     During rainy days my neighbor's idle yard  always gets attention; for it is in these days that the grasses grow taller. And we see almost all variety of grasses. We could only look at the yard while shaking our heads saying, what a waste, what a waste. For we could clearly see in our minds the healthy vegetables and blooming flowers had our neighbor that industrious.
     A day after a heavy rainfall, I happened to glance at my neighbor's grassy yard because of the noises I heard. To my amazement, two kinds of flocks of birds were busy picking at the grasses' seeds. They kept on chirping and hopping from grass to grass, as if they found a gold mine. They seemed to be happy and excited.
     At the other side of the yard, I also saw many tiny butterflies chasing each other over the grasses as if playing and looking for food at the same time. What life! I was lost for words with what I saw. I just allowed myself to be carried away by the sight.
     For a long time, I was again reminded of nature's beauty and the wonder of life. God always make something good of what we consider as useless and unimportant.
     From then on my neighbor's idle land was no longer an ugly sight for us. And we always look forward to the time when the birds and butterflies would return to my neighbor's yard and give us the pleasure of enjoying such little beautiful moments with them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fly

     The fly is one of the most irritating insects in this planet. It lands on anything prohibited and enters room without permission. The moment we see one, our adrenaline rushes and urges us to get the fly swatter and PAK! The irritation rises when we fail to kill the unwanted guest.
     However, our intelligent God creates everything uniquely, including this super big-eyed fly. Every time it lands on anything where it could feel relaxed, it would rub its hind legs above its wings, under its wings, and even rub its wings. How would they do that I wonder. Some say flies clean itself by doing this ceremony. But does fly really cleanse itself when it rubs not all of its feet? Fly also has the attitude of flying from one place to another in less than a second. Does it not tire itself?
     Whatever, depending on my mood, sometimes I am fascinated just gazing with these tiny creature. Why, it has some abilities I could not do, like flying. Besides, flies are confident! No matter how much they know of your irritation for their presence, they do not retaliate by being irritated with you and fly away from your presence. They just stay on as if testing your patience. Ah, I guess, this is one of their purposes in life: to stretch out our patience. If we just consider this, they are not much irritating then.   
     Get Happy!

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