Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Be Happy

     It's raining outside. The sun has not come out since this morning. There is tropical depression, the TV news says. Nevertheless, I'm still happy. I am because I choose to be. I am happy because I am alive. I am happy because I hear the gentle falling of the rain. I am happy because I know how does it feel to walk in the rain. I am happy because God gives rain. Hope you are to..

     Get Happy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Live Every Moment


     We live. We die. We come in this world with only God's breath--a gift that keep us alive. When He decides to take it back, nothing can we do but allow Him to take it. The best thing we can do with the limited time we have is to LIVE EVERY MOMENT of it. 

     Get Happy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brand New Day

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     God creates new day to give us a fresh start everyday. For the past week I've been battling with depression and frustration. These are due to my high childish expectations. When you are trying to walk with God, He'll walk with you all the way and even allow you to fail, if that is the only way for you to learn. This was what happened to me days ago. After everything has been processed in my brain, and of course, after having given my broken heart to God to be mended, I became alright and back on my feet again.

     I acknowledge everyday as God's gift for me to start anew. There is no use waiting for the 'right' time to start again. Everyday is the right time. Everyday is our time. And everyday is a brand new day.

     Get Happy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Little Bird

     I am a little bird which is just learning to fly. Few flaps a day, and I'm off to to go. Then all of a sudden it came to my attention: when I fly lower, nothing notices me; and I am just alright. When I start to soar higher, other birds notice me and say how well I am doing. The funny thing is, I'm always carried away by little appreciation that I easily lose balance and go down thrice  as much faster as I soar. Too much concentration on my abilities perhaps; or my concentration is focused much on what the other birds have to say about me? The latter is nearer to the truth; and a truth that a tiny bird like me must conquer. There is no greater conquest than conquering oneself, as the sages say.

      I'm flying because that is what my life is all about. My ancestors have flown to greatest heights, sans the others who did not. But the process of learning to fly is much, much difficult as I imagine it to be. Sometimes I soar. Other times I fall. Balance is a little key; but focus is the main ingredient. Focus is being in the flow, being in the moment, being in IT. Actually, I'm not learning to fly because I don't know how to do it; I'm just re-membering how is it to fly; for flying is already in my deep consciousness. It is the flesh and bone of everything that my ancestors have left me.

Get Happy!

Life's Storm

     Sometimes it starts from droplets; then slowly comes heavier, and heavier, and heavier; until it pours heavily. Sometimes too, it just comes unexpectedly amidst a fairly beautiful weather. But oftentimes it starts with dark clouds, strong winds and large drops. Sometimes, it's expected. Sometimes it's not. Yes, I'm talking about rain and storm. This is the way how it comes. At times we are prepared. Other times we are not. 

     This is also the way how I describe depression. It's a time when the clouds cover the sky, cold winds kiss our skin and threaten our emotions that tomorrow might still be dark and bleak again. Sometimes in its strongest hit, we would lost everything: faith, hope, peace and sometimes love. Just like when there are storms, during depression we close our doors and windows. We keep them shut. We love to look outside through closed windows. We are left alone. We do not hear anything, except the tempests outside and our heavy breathing. Full of fears we cry. If tears would flow, we are lucky. In our devastation we thought this would be the end. If we are strong enough, there is nothing left to do than pray.

     Without our knowing the sun starts to shine. When we are through with the talking and grudging inside of us, we slowly hear the calmness outside. Holding our breath we slowly open the window, and take a peek at what's going on outside. We are relieved to know that the storm has passed; that everything returns to its usual business again.

      Actually, in depression the world is very much okay. It hardly notices our predicament. It does not know what we've been through. Sometimes, painfully it doesn't seem to care. But this is just how life comes naturally. If the world would be affected by every pain that we feel, what a topsy-turvy world we would have; for every human being has his own share of pain. Our all-knowing God prevents the world from knowing our pain that we would come only to Him for relief. When our loving God heals us from our temporary (yes, temporary. We would always experience pain in order for us to grow) pain and depression, we would come to the realization that, 'hey the world is alright. I thought it's some kind of a monster. I'm wrong.' 

     Depression is normal in my life. I've lived with it and have grown much stronger because of it. I consider it as stepping stone in my growth. I do not invite it to come in my life. But when it comes, my Heavenly Father always teach me different lessons when it goes. The last time it came, He was teaching me to love those who have repeatedly injure me--the hardest lesson I have to learn and is still learning so far. 

     Depression is just temporary as are storms and rain. But the lessons it bring is everlasting.

     Get Happy!

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