Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Rose's Life

Beautiful bloom. Fragrant bloom.

Withered. The end.

Does the Rose cry when its petal starts to wilt?
Does the Rose fret when its fragrance fade? 
It does not. The Rose just give what it has to give. It submits to the law of nature. It patiently waits for the passing of the season for it to bloom again its finest. It does not complain. It does not ask why. Somehow deep in its roots it seems to know all is well; bloom and be admired, be picked and be displayed on the table, or be picked and light up a lover's eyes in its finest moment. And when the time comes for the blooms to say goodbye, it humbly lets go of its wilted petals. It does not become sad because it knows it will produce beautiful blooms again. It knows the value of the moment. It knows how it is to give and to let go. It knows how to take the stage. It knows how to just be plain. It knows it just have to live and live fully.

If the Heavenly Father provides the Rose with these qualities, does He too not provide us enough that would ensure us to have a well-lived life?

Get happy!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Path To Awareness

Yes, this book is old. It has been with me for twenty-two long years. It was given to me by Sister Elena as a guide on my way to a new path. The words of this book are simple, written by an Indian priest, Father Anthony de Mello. But the message? Oh, so deep until now I am still struggling to apply in my life. I already lost count of the times I read this book. I had read it over and over again. Once I thought I already understood his words and had believed in myself I was that enlightened. But it only took few failures in myself did I realize how ignorant I still was. 

Using the words of Fr. de Mello and borrowing from his experience made me only become self-righteous. One priest said, had he read this book earlier he would have woken up earlier. But me? I was only eighteen when I first got hold of this book; yet I was not any better five or ten years after that. I even came to the point of attempting to burn this book because I thought I did not benefit from it. It only made me feel guilty of not being as enlightened as Father de Mello was. In short,  his words are easy to understand but difficult to apply. Enlightenment or awareness, is honestly like a bubble in the air. You are mesmerized by its beauty when it floats but bursts when it touches your hands; for when you are aware what you learned no longer matters. What matters most is the present moment, the Being that is you.

So then I tossed the book aside and forgot all about it for almost a decade. The other day, I remembered it. I took it from the shelf and started to read again, waiting for any sparks in my spirit. After reading just the first few pages, I finally understood why. Father de Mello became wise because of his learning, of his experiences, of his influences, of everything he had been through. I could only get inspiration from his words and his life. I could only say to myself, 'hey, it is possible to be like him.' But even memorizing all his words could not make me as wise and as enlightened as he had been. I have to follow my own path. I have to learn my own lessons. I have to live my own life. And if all my efforts would pay, I could only say, 'this I have done, this I have become. If you want to be where I am, hear my words but do not follow me. Do your own thing, dance your own dance, paint your own masterpiece, for it is only you who knows deep in your heart what makes you happy and what makes you realize your Being.'

God sent people in our lives that would serve as our guides. But our final destination depends solely on us. This is where our Will play the crucial path. Learning and becoming is not done overnight. It would take a lifetime. And we are so blessed if we would be able to realize this before our candle gives off its light.

On my part, I am so thankful for meeting Fr. de Mello at an earlier age for I already know where my destination is. Getting there is my only struggle. But with God, I know someday I will become the Being I am supposed to be. And I hope you would be too.

Get happy!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lessons In Heartbreak

I read this story from I share it here because I believe it would touch you too the way it touched me.

There is a Jewish Mystic story about and old Rabbi who taught his disciples to memorize the teachings and place the holy words on their hearts.

"Why on our hearts, and not in them?" one student asked.

"We put the words on our hearts, so that someday when our hearts break they will fall in."

True right? We learn the most when our hearts break. Things will become clear when our hearts break. And we become wiser when we pass through a heartbreak. Heartbreaks teach us. Heartbreaks strengthen us. 

Get happy!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Process Of Becoming

This is a  re-post from Fr. Ronnie E. Ablong's  facebook account. You may view the original post here: fb/ronnieablong. It is Fr. Ronnie's desire to spread the word of God through media. And it is my pleasure to share his thoughts here. (Posted with permission).

We learn to walk by walking just as we learn to talk by talking. Life is a constant process of becoming and there never seems to be enough for in this world the only permanent is change. And there is no escape except in the tender embrace of God whom Jesus called "Abba" (Father).
We all want comfort; we all long for consolation; we all need acceptance and appreciation. Sometimes it comes, at other times, does not or not at all. It slips through our grip because our hands are greased with hatred and jealousy; our hearts are envious, our thoughts vengeful. In life, we cannot have all that we like and all that we ever wanted so we may see the need of a God who truly provides.
Life's greatest lessons are learned in adversity and not in plenty; its farthest stride are not made at sunrise but at sunset. There's something in moving on than in stepping back. The former is hope; the latter is depression.
Walking. Moving on. Making strides. These are part of the thing called life.

Get happy!

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