Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Process Of Becoming

This is a  re-post from Fr. Ronnie E. Ablong's  facebook account. You may view the original post here: fb/ronnieablong. It is Fr. Ronnie's desire to spread the word of God through media. And it is my pleasure to share his thoughts here. (Posted with permission).

We learn to walk by walking just as we learn to talk by talking. Life is a constant process of becoming and there never seems to be enough for in this world the only permanent is change. And there is no escape except in the tender embrace of God whom Jesus called "Abba" (Father).
We all want comfort; we all long for consolation; we all need acceptance and appreciation. Sometimes it comes, at other times, does not or not at all. It slips through our grip because our hands are greased with hatred and jealousy; our hearts are envious, our thoughts vengeful. In life, we cannot have all that we like and all that we ever wanted so we may see the need of a God who truly provides.
Life's greatest lessons are learned in adversity and not in plenty; its farthest stride are not made at sunrise but at sunset. There's something in moving on than in stepping back. The former is hope; the latter is depression.
Walking. Moving on. Making strides. These are part of the thing called life.

Get happy!

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