Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Rose's Life

Beautiful bloom. Fragrant bloom.

Withered. The end.

Does the Rose cry when its petal starts to wilt?
Does the Rose fret when its fragrance fade? 
It does not. The Rose just give what it has to give. It submits to the law of nature. It patiently waits for the passing of the season for it to bloom again its finest. It does not complain. It does not ask why. Somehow deep in its roots it seems to know all is well; bloom and be admired, be picked and be displayed on the table, or be picked and light up a lover's eyes in its finest moment. And when the time comes for the blooms to say goodbye, it humbly lets go of its wilted petals. It does not become sad because it knows it will produce beautiful blooms again. It knows the value of the moment. It knows how it is to give and to let go. It knows how to take the stage. It knows how to just be plain. It knows it just have to live and live fully.

If the Heavenly Father provides the Rose with these qualities, does He too not provide us enough that would ensure us to have a well-lived life?

Get happy!

Photo Credit: 500px

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