Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pacing With Time

It's been three days since I published my last post. My initial plan was to post daily. I was hindered by one thing: time. For the past few days I had so much going up in my mind: work, blog, home, etc. The result, I was over fatigued and had to give myself the rest that I needed.
I complained to myself, "hey, could I just care nothing for one day?" I was tired of running against time.
I set the priority to this blog, to improvise it hoping I could get the attention of Adsense. But this time I gave up the hope. Not that I surrender, it's only that I believe I would not worth as a recipient of the price which required a presentable competitor. I know where I stand because I know where I lacked. I lacked the time, I lacked the preparation to make this blog a readable one that would attract any reader. For this time I'll just enjoy posting here, waiting where would this lead me. I give myself a span of one week as enough time for me to prepare something here that is of value.

Clark's blog entitled 'Why "Multitasking" Slows Productivity-And What To Do About It' in was so timely with what I am feeling right now. I tried to multitask without predicting it would slow my productivity. Worse, my creativity was lessened due to the pressures I burdened my self with.
I had my goals. My mistake was I tried to achieve it in the shortest time possible. I forgot I would not achieve any goal without taking the process step by step, and most importantly, I must enjoy along the process. Success is never sweet, if at the end of it the self is too tired to acknowledge it.
What I'm taking right now is part of my journey. Who cares if Adsense would not love me? It's only me who would care. We'll I do not care for now. What matters is I'm moving, it might be slow, at least I do.
Get Happy! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Business Of Blogging: An Amateur's Confession

Starting a blog was one undertaking I just suddenly bumped into. I never knew the existence of blog until just recently. It would seem embarrassing to confess this, but this is true. After I got married and given birth to my little boy, my time was dedicated only to office and home. I did not have any more time for the internet.

The First Time Of Bumping Into A Blog
It was the time when I consider the idea of looking for another source of income which would fit my interests and idle time. As I was surfing on the net I was intrigued by an ad of a young lady who said she became a millionaire in just a short time through her internet business. I clicked the ad and arrived at At that time I never yet knew what blogging was all about. I just read on.

The Search
I continued to search about how to earn income through blogging until I bumped into an Australian writer, Angela Booth, with whom I learned about and which is offered for free.

The Start
I immediately started by just following the instructions. After I published my first blog I felt so fulfilled. I thought success at last; for writing is also my passion.

The Realization
What I realized later is that blogging is not all about writing what I, myself believe to be the best. I also need to consider my target audience and my topic. Blogging is not more about me, it is more on what I can give. I need to consider not only my wants but also of what my readers to be want. I need to be more accommodating, more open. The most important is, I need to provide answers to any possible questions and searches. Wow, I've got to consider these things, or else I would only be the only reader of my blog.

The Adsense Business
Another coach of mine is the Adsense which rejected my first application and until now is giving me goose bumps awaiting its reply for my second application. The reasons for the rejection are technical. Hopefully I am doing the right thing now.

Web Design
Feed burner said my present style is poor. I affirmed to it. I'm still on the process of trial and error. Anyway, I'm planning to talk to a web designer who may be able to help me with my blog's design.

The Topic
Sometimes I ask myself if the topic I am talking about is within the boundaries of my blog's description. While my previous topics are quite generalized I adhere to be more personal on the blogs to come.

After almost two weeks of blogging these are my successes and failures. One thing I can say though: I have so much fun.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steps To Achieving Personal Growth

It has been my interest to develop myself. Personal Growth is one of my focus. Sometimes I am right. Sometimes also I am not so right. Facing my pitfalls is a challenge I love in learning though it hurts in some way. But that is how it goes. I would not learn without knowing what to unlearn. Anyway, here are the steps I found in achieving personal growth.

Honor Your Unhappiness and Divine Discontent

Happiness is what I so much desire. Simply put, to be not happy means something is missing. Though there is no problem at hand, something is not yet right. This is what Mary Mannin Morissey call as 'Divine Discontent' in her book Building Your Field of Dreams. It is the small voice inside of us that says we must do something or else we would not achieve fulfillment in life. This Divine Discontent is the arrow that points us to where we should go and that there is some place somewhere which has been prepared for us. Until we do not heed to the calling of this voice we would not achieve the peace and happiness that we dream of.

The Desire For Improvement

It is said that the greatest room there is in this world is the room for improvement. This is the Divine Discontent in action. Knowing what we want or what we should do is just a start. We need the desire to do it; to improve or develop something in us that is necessary for our growth. Desire is the fire that would cook our dreams. The stronger our desire, the nearer we are to achieving our dreams.

Believe In Yourself

It took years for me to heal myself and build my dreams because I failed to believe in myself. In short, I neglected my own capacity. Each of us is endowed with talents that we should use and develop. Remember, every little thing about ourselves depend on us. The bigger is our belief in our own capacity to do something, the bigger is the possibility of achieving our dreams. It is we who must believe in ourselves first before others would follow; a good way to start by example.

Search Your Place

Everyone of us has our own place in this universe otherwise we would not belong here. This is the place where we could be happy. This is the place where we could be at peace. We are not born out of circumstance; we are born for a purpose. The same way as Oprah was born to inspire people or Charisse Pempengco was born to sing to people. Search your place. If you could, try everything until you find the right place that is perfect for you.


Discipline is important in all areas of life. An athlete could never become a master in his field if not for the discipline he applies in his own self. If you feel you are called to dance, then practice until you achieve the necessary discipline required in there. If you feel you are compelled to write, then start writing until you become one. This has been one of my struggles.

Acknowledge The People Around You

You are not doing personal growth for yourself alone, right? If so, then let your loved ones know what you are up to. Let them know so that they would not wonder why you have become so weird in the next few days; or that you increase your time being alone. If possible bring those people around you to achieving your dream, perhaps they too share your interests.
One thing, save yourself from negative people. While you are still new in your undertaking, shun away from people who has the ability of pulling you down.

Do It Outwardly

This does not mean showing off. This just means that you must be bold in what you stand for. In this way you are creating a foundation for yourself. This is doing the thing in your own way. This is making your dream visible. This is acting out your dream. As what the Bible says, "...happy are you when you do something that does not contradict your conscience."

Be Grateful

"In everything give thanks." Be grateful to everyone who help you in achieving your dream including yourself. Be grateful for your failures along the way; for it made you stronger. Whatever blessing you achieve share it, it will multiply under God's hands.

Do Not Forget Spiritual Guidance

Do not forget the spirit within, the Source of power who gives everything and grants every prayer. Even if you may already have what you dream for, continue to pray. God does not leave any person who continually pray to him in every circumstance. Everything needs God's guidance for He is the giver of all.

The steps above are what I am following now. I am not yet a master of my chosen field; yet I know one day I will be, since this is the place I believe God prepared for me.

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