Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pacing With Time

It's been three days since I published my last post. My initial plan was to post daily. I was hindered by one thing: time. For the past few days I had so much going up in my mind: work, blog, home, etc. The result, I was over fatigued and had to give myself the rest that I needed.
I complained to myself, "hey, could I just care nothing for one day?" I was tired of running against time.
I set the priority to this blog, to improvise it hoping I could get the attention of Adsense. But this time I gave up the hope. Not that I surrender, it's only that I believe I would not worth as a recipient of the price which required a presentable competitor. I know where I stand because I know where I lacked. I lacked the time, I lacked the preparation to make this blog a readable one that would attract any reader. For this time I'll just enjoy posting here, waiting where would this lead me. I give myself a span of one week as enough time for me to prepare something here that is of value.

Clark's blog entitled 'Why "Multitasking" Slows Productivity-And What To Do About It' in was so timely with what I am feeling right now. I tried to multitask without predicting it would slow my productivity. Worse, my creativity was lessened due to the pressures I burdened my self with.
I had my goals. My mistake was I tried to achieve it in the shortest time possible. I forgot I would not achieve any goal without taking the process step by step, and most importantly, I must enjoy along the process. Success is never sweet, if at the end of it the self is too tired to acknowledge it.
What I'm taking right now is part of my journey. Who cares if Adsense would not love me? It's only me who would care. We'll I do not care for now. What matters is I'm moving, it might be slow, at least I do.
Get Happy! :)

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