Monday, April 20, 2009

The Business Of Blogging: An Amateur's Confession

Starting a blog was one undertaking I just suddenly bumped into. I never knew the existence of blog until just recently. It would seem embarrassing to confess this, but this is true. After I got married and given birth to my little boy, my time was dedicated only to office and home. I did not have any more time for the internet.

The First Time Of Bumping Into A Blog
It was the time when I consider the idea of looking for another source of income which would fit my interests and idle time. As I was surfing on the net I was intrigued by an ad of a young lady who said she became a millionaire in just a short time through her internet business. I clicked the ad and arrived at At that time I never yet knew what blogging was all about. I just read on.

The Search
I continued to search about how to earn income through blogging until I bumped into an Australian writer, Angela Booth, with whom I learned about and which is offered for free.

The Start
I immediately started by just following the instructions. After I published my first blog I felt so fulfilled. I thought success at last; for writing is also my passion.

The Realization
What I realized later is that blogging is not all about writing what I, myself believe to be the best. I also need to consider my target audience and my topic. Blogging is not more about me, it is more on what I can give. I need to consider not only my wants but also of what my readers to be want. I need to be more accommodating, more open. The most important is, I need to provide answers to any possible questions and searches. Wow, I've got to consider these things, or else I would only be the only reader of my blog.

The Adsense Business
Another coach of mine is the Adsense which rejected my first application and until now is giving me goose bumps awaiting its reply for my second application. The reasons for the rejection are technical. Hopefully I am doing the right thing now.

Web Design
Feed burner said my present style is poor. I affirmed to it. I'm still on the process of trial and error. Anyway, I'm planning to talk to a web designer who may be able to help me with my blog's design.

The Topic
Sometimes I ask myself if the topic I am talking about is within the boundaries of my blog's description. While my previous topics are quite generalized I adhere to be more personal on the blogs to come.

After almost two weeks of blogging these are my successes and failures. One thing I can say though: I have so much fun.

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