Monday, April 12, 2010


MSN. encarta defines conception as something conceived in mind; conceiving of young: the fertilization of an egg by a sperm at the beginning of pregnancy. While I define it as something created within and in due time is given out or comes out through birth. What is being conceived within is being nourished and nurtured to make it healthy and be developed.
Every person is being conceived first and given birth in due time. Adam was conceived by God and given birth in a different process in the story of creation. Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit through the Blessed Virgin Mary. We should be thankful for in all these conceptions.
However, there are conceptions that are dangerous to man if he is unaware-the conceptions of the mind. All human beings are capable of these conceptions in the mind. Evil intent was first conceived in the mind and given birth through action. Those who conceived greed give birth to it and ended up killing bothers ans sisters, or anyone who comes his way in filling up this greed. Those who conceived selfish passions and desires give birth to it and ended up immoral and full of vices. For anything that is conceived by the mind will come to its maturity and be given birth.
If we were to live a blameless life and a holy life, we must be aware of what we allow our minds to conceive, because whatever it is, in due time it would seek its own birth. This is our nature; we are always conceiving and giving birth.If we want to give birth to love, we have to conceive it first. If we want to give birth to peace, we have to conceive it first. Our mind is always conceiving, thus we must select ..."whatever is true, honest, honorable, of good repute..." that we be mothers and fathers of good conception.
 "I wish you forgiveness, both the power to forgive and the wisdom and strength to seek forgiveness. One of the most powerful forces in the world, forgiveness frees us from anger, resentment, and the lack of peace that results from these emotions." ~ Living Life Fully

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