Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Aha" Moment

Have you heard about what they call "aha" moment? It is a moment in which you feel so okay regardless of your surroundings and of the circumstances you are in. This moment is a natural gift to spiritually mature people or the enlightened ones as how they call it.

I used to feel it sometimes during those times I considered as my peak moments, when I was still free from the sharp fangs of life. However, as I went deeper into the "real" world my focus shifted more on physical than on spiritual. How it happened was a long story.

Anyway, I was so joyful for yesterday I felt the "aha" feeling suddenly. Though It was only a fleeting second, the moment seemed to last forever. And I felt, Oh wow! And it was gone. And I felt so okay. It felt as if I did not care about the world; for I felt deep inside no matter what happens I was under God's care. Even until now the memory of the feeling still lingers. And the assurance that God is holding me is enough for me to say, yeah everything is okay.

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