Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Key


     Imagine that you are alone in an island. Not quite new, right? We always see this picture or image or scene in a movie where most of the actor survives in a shipwreck. He is saved; only to find himself all alone in an unknown island. Quite frightening, huh? We could not imagine what are we gonna do if ever we are the one in that kind of situation. But have you come to think, 'hey what if I'll enjoy for awhile. I'm so alone. Thank God I have a time all by myself. Let me enjoy this for a while. Anyway, this is only an imagination, right?' But no, we do not think this way. Even the thought of it paralyzes us. 

     Why? Because we do not want to be alone. We need someone. We always need someone. Because we entrust to people the key to our life. This key should be in our hands. But we don't want to hold it. We prefer to give it to others, that what may happen in our lives we always have someone to blame. We always have reasons why we fail. We do not want to be responsible with ourselves, so to speak. 

     But you know my newest realization is? That you and I hold the key to our success or failure. It is all in the mind. It is in our belief system. It is in our relationship with God. If we discern so much the spirit of God within us, we become truly awake to the truth-- that God has given us the strength to carry that key that  holds our future. We would no longer need anybody who has lesser knowledge of our life. Only then we would fully become responsible for ourselves. And the most beautiful thing is, when the key to our life is in our hands, God would teach us how to unlock the good possibilities as well as his greatness within us. Hope you are now prepared to hold your key and own it, finally.

     Get Happy!

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