Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Real Worth

     Finding happiness depends on what a person is, what he wants himself to be and what his values and beliefs are.
     My quest for happiness focuses on my spirituality - my profound belief in God. In Him I find an understanding that I did not find in some other areas which I once considered I could gather wisdom from.
     Like for example, I once believed in order to find myself worthy I have to prove this worth by achieving something great. But no. God touches my heart and lets me know I do not have to do anything to prove my worth. I am already a worthy person - worth dying for by His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. Here I find my true worth.
     The very good thing is, I don't have to do anything. This lifts the burden and pressure off my shoulder. Of course, This does not mean I am free to do what I considered not good. This means I have the freedom to do everything good - not to feel worthy but to express God's goodness. It is not I doing the good thing; it is God's goodness flowing through me. It is where my will and God's will become one; it is the letting go and the letting it be; it is the creature submitting to its creator. Then and only then happiness and tranquility like a river flow.

"I wish you peace--peace of mind and peace of heart that will allow you to experience life with an equanimity that others simply do not know, an inner peace that others will see and feel, and that will help them to find their own peace on their own terms."  Living Life Fully

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