Monday, April 5, 2010


     Happiness is not a goal.
     It is a reward that comes with achieving a goal.
     Therefore, strive not to be happy;
     Strive rather to live life fully.
     For when you do, happiness comes abundantly,
     Emanating within you and touching those you meet.

"I wish you the ability to enjoy truly the company  of those who are dear to you. May your relationships be deep and fulfilling, and may you enjoy fully each moment that you are able to share with them. May you be able to share your intimate and important thoughts and feelings --your faith, your doubts, your joys, your difficulties, your accomplishments and achievements, your failures and your discouragement. Sharing these aspects of ourselves allows us to be fulfilled and complete; allowing others to share these parts of themselves allows them to be fulfilled and complete."  Living Life Fully

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