Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love You

I love you.
I love you not because you are you.
I love you because you are me.
When I love you, I do not give you a part of me.
When I love you, I expand me.
When I hurt you, I hurt me.
When I love you, I love me.
When I love you I do not ask you to love me back,
Because by loving you, I am already loving me.
For I could not give you what I lack in me.
I love you not because you are a son or daughter of God.
But I love you because I am a daughter of God.
For what I am is what you are too.
However, I could not love me without you,
For I could only love me by loving you.
I love you....

"I wish you a sense of gratitude, thankfulness for all that you've been blessed with in this life, all the things that you have, all the people you know, the food that you eat, the possibilities that you have." ~ Living Life Fully

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