Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Negative 10 To Positive 10

     When we talk of growth it can either be achieved instantly or gradually. Some believed we can grow that easily; from where we are to where we want to be. But most said it could be done gradually and deliberately. I believed in the latter for it is my own experience. Like a seed that is being planted, personal growth takes time and much care.

     In my experience, I grow 50%; and sometimes backslides 10%. Yes, it would be nice if I were just a seed that only grows but never backslides. Yet, I am human with established habits and flow of thoughts that I have been accustomed to. For many years I have lived with this habits and kind of thinking. Thus, it is not much easier to leap from here to there; or else I'll become mad. I am just grateful for the countless positive people in the web who put the time and effort to share their positivity with the world, for from them I gathered much hope and inspiration. I would not mention them for the time being because they are many to mention. Besides, there are people in the web whose words I just run across once but whose impact remains with me and serves as tool for my growth. They are those people who are able to leap from negative 10 to positive 10 in their own time.

     Growth just requires patience with oneself especially when one backslides. But backsliding does not conclude the race is over and the player is weak. It just means there is still much more to learn and work for. As what I said in my previous post it is not so much with the goal, but it is much with the ways we do in achieving the goal. It is more on how we do those things not what we have done that matters most to God.

    And I love it. For me, everyday I am growing. I am no longer counting how much; for there are days that I just do not. In these days I just flow with what I have at the moment. And with this I still can say, life is beautiful. 


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