Friday, March 12, 2010

When You Have To Do It Even If You Hate It

     "I hate to do it, but I have to do it." These were the words that kept on echoing in my mind right after I made the decision. There are just situations in which you have to make a decision regardless of whether you will be completely understood or downright judged. Having made a pledge to God to love His people and correct them gently, made it hard for me to do my work. My line of work requires to be firm with people. For, if I have to remain lenient with them and their capricious, they would abuse the regulations set by our company, which would result in making me an ineffective employee. Yes, negotiation and an acceptable excuse are the very first thing to do. But when people have crossed the thin line between kindness and abuse, we have to do the right thing even if it means hurting their pride and feelings.

     The truth is, there are many people who are so undisciplined in their own lives that they go about meeting with people believing they can influence people with their own lies. These are the people whom I act strictly with. When they need to hear the truth, I give it to them. It is sort of wham! slapping them on the face and saying, "wake up thou from thy sleep!"

     And, yes, these are the people I pledged to love and cherish. In the sense of the word they are not my family. But in the law of the universe, they are my family. I know I just did the right thing, waking them up. But I felt a little tinge of guilt for slapping them the truth. However if I am to do it again, I choose to do it again. For it is better for me to suffer the pangs of guilt than allowing these people to go with their lives walking in their sleep. Sometimes they need a little bang, bang in the head that they may ask themselves, "hey what is happening?"

     Actually, I am saying these through my own personal experience. It really hurts when people slap you left and right with the truth of the matter. But it was when I hurt the most that I learned the most. That is why I am not so much afraid to correct someone, as long as I know it would benefit them more if they just but listen to their voice within and without.   

     As to the people whom I actually bang, bang with the truth I offered them to God already. And then I let go.


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