Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's A Party!

     Preparing for my son's third birthday party on March 15 kept me busy. Thus I have been away for quite awhile. Honestly, my son's two previous birthdays weren't that much special and had not much invited guests. This time we did prepare although it was not that super special. The truth is, I just come to the realization that preparing parties especially birthdays is not for the sake of showing off or leveling up with the Joneses. It is our opportunity of sharing something to the world especially with friends and relatives.

     I had been brought up in a conservative family where birthdays were just family affairs. If ever we had visitors it were only few of our neighbors. Thus it was my belief that birthdays weren't that important to spend much money with. However, when I had my own family and began to be invited to birthday parties it was then I realized how important that is. It is our lone opportunity to be grateful to the universe that we are given this life. And by showing that gratefulness we share it with relatives and friends.

    Thus I now consider birthdays to be part of our family's yearly expenses. Yes, in our culture we spend much in it if we truly prepare for it. But God will always provide. The happiness and fulfillment we get from hosting parties is worth more than the money we spend. I admit to be a frugal one, but when spending means I am sharing something to the world and if it is my own way of showing gratefulness then it's worth the money and the effort. Moreover, if it is one way of making my loved one happy and to feel special then no question about it.

     Happy living!         


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