Sunday, March 21, 2010

Presence Of Mind

     Presence of mind just means to be present in mind and body wherever you are and whatever you do. However, this is not always happening at all. Due to the busyness of our own businesses and to the many things that we need to attain to, simply being present is impossible. This is what other spiritual seekers refer as living life half dead.  We go on with our daily routine not as living people but as machines. We do things differently from what we are thinking. Consequently, without us being aware of, it will have devastating effects on our lives either in the long term or in the short term.

     The other day this reality of being not present awaken me from my deep slumber. As usual I was going through my daily routine of office work. I did not know this unmindfulness of the present would bounce back to me. It was when I made my daily report that I noticed something was wrong with the figures I worked on. This mattered much especially when we were dealing with money matters. The devastating effect of my failure was I got from my own pocket the shortage incurred due to my unmindfulness. I couldn't believe how it happened for I was doing my work for years now. However, I could not recall, even a tiny bit of it, where did I went wrong with my work that day. But it happened already, nothing I can do to bring the events back. The most important thing was, on that day, I relearned the value of the presence of mind.    

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