Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Expand. Expand. Expand

     When we think of growth, what comes into mind is expansion. And when we plan to grow our selves in all aspects, it means we have to expand our selves in all areas: mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially  and spiritually.Honestly, in some areas I am doing well. But there is one area that I am struggling with so hard. It is the social aspect. Growing up I was not that sociable since I was brought up conservatively. We weren't allowed to play with other kids. In high school I was not even allowed to go out with my friends. So I developed that kind of characteristic which is shy and a little aloof with people.  Now that I am working I am constantly expose to people. But only within the circle of my comfort zone. At least I am able to get along well with others.

     However, when you dream of becoming successful in life you have to work the extra mile needed for the fulfillment of your dreams. I was informed, one of the ways of becoming successful is to be able to have large network of friends. Wow. I have friends but only those casual acquaintances. I never thought once that having lots of friends and creating good relationships with others is a big advantage of becoming successful. I am convince of this now. And I am working sooooo hard on this.   

     This is what makes life beautiful. With faith I am able to expand what I believe I can expand.

     He who put this Spirit within me is faithful enough to let this Spirit express itself through me.


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