Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Brand New Day

The idea of getting up in the morning with the belief that this day contributes something to the attainment of my goals, makes me greet each day with a smile and a hope that it is going to be a great day ahead. It would not be a big day wherein everything could be achieved on this day alone; yet a day wherein there is little improvement and achievement. I have already given up the thought of doing great just for one day because I have waited and planned for this day to happen, yet it never did. If my failures and frustrations were formed not only in a day, then the attainment of my goals and dreams could be created not only in a day but by the days I choose to create them day by day.
With the lessons I learned from the past, most especially from the failures, everyday is full of excitement, of what can I do better and better. It is true that dwelling on the setbacks and what went wrong could only make the matters worse. But by reversing the way of thinking focusing only on the positive possibilities, the realization of goals and dreams is at hand.        

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