Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life Is Fair

My life started out as good. But as I was growing up, some things did not turn out quite right. Not that it was meant to be but that was just how it was because most people I was around with were not perfect. They just did their best as they knew how. I am not blaming my parents or my teachers or whomever I met when I was growing up. They are good people and I salute them for I would not be what I am now if not for them.
There are just many things in me that need to be improved and developed. If I were not what I am supposed to be at the stage of my life now that would be my own thing to do. My turn. Life is meant to be learned and improved. I am so glad I am giving this urgings of the spirit not to be content with what I have and not to rest on my laurels for the rest of my life.
I admit I have many shortcomings and weaknesses. As in many. It is normal for anyone to have these things for we are only humans. Yet, what I have were not normal because it became what they were due to events beyond the comprehension of young age. Now as I am given the reign to lead myself wherever I want to go, I choose the better part. I improve in me what needs to be improved, and develop what needs to be developed. Thus my life is a series of experiments; of trying and failing; of failing and standing up.
And this is the very good thing with life - no matter where we start or how we start early on, we always have the choice to end up well and good. Life is fair after all. 

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