Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Crossing

For some, the distance between having goals and achieving them might not be so far; especially when certain persons have been doing it before. As for me it is not that easy. It is as if there is a deep abyss between my goals and its attainment. When  I try to leap from here(my goals) to there(its attainment), it is as if I am being magnetized slowly by this deep abyss and deliberately swallowed by it. Not that easy so to speak.
I was told everything is in the mind. It all starts with your faith and with a deep belief and conviction  in yourself. Well, it may be as easy as it sounds. But honestly to me, it is a whole different kind of worlds. The crossing takes all my energy, effort and determination. I am always tempted to give up; not because I lack the capability but because I was not used to it. It is breaking the old habit and beliefs so deeply planted in the mind that makes the crossing so difficult. I pray ten years from now I'll be much, much better than now. 
Everything depends on this crossing...

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