Monday, March 1, 2010

A Question Worth Pondering

What is the point of this?

I have my goals. I was informed we must have goals in life.
I created strategies for the achievement of my goals. I was informed strategies are the ways I must do in order to achieve my goals.
But then, if I follow my strategies; if I achieve my goals, short term and long term, what then? I mean is this what life is all about?; what living is all about? They say, it is not the goals that make who you are, it is what you become while achieving your goals. Does this mean if I follow my goals and act word by word my strategies, my life and myself is predictable? It seems boring, as I see it. Yeah, there would be success in the end, because this is how I define my success: by achieving the goals I have set for myself. And if I will be successful in achieving my goals, what then? Have I left a well-lived life when I'm gone? Perhaps to others who did not live my life as I live it. But to me? I guess, there is more to life than goals and the like.

I could not yet understand the point of it all. Anyway, life could never be understood. Maybe it is, to some who reach the point of living. I pray someday I would.  

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