Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Purpose Is God's Gift


     Could you imagine a life without a purpose, without a meaning? For me, I could not. It is my firm belief that all of us, creatures, are born into this world with a purpose. Even the fly, even the bettle, even the mosquito has a purpose. The purpose of mosquitoes? That we may clean the house and the surroundings. It is a sign that something must be done in order to live cleanly and healthily.

     Just because some things connote negativity, we already consider it as nuisance in life. But no. Every creature on Earth has a purpose. The people dedicated to the specific studies of certain creatures know this so well. As for me, I'm only dedicated to the study of my life, therefore, the only thing that I can be sure of is my purpose in life. As of this time, it is to Radiate Wisdom. I got this idea from the book of life coach, Robin Chaddock entitled "How to Find Your Path to Success". Though I am not yet 100 % sure of it because I'm still discerning, at least I have the clue that it is something nearer to that. If you want to know your specific purpose that book may be of help.

     It's fun and exciting to know our purpose. Hope you would one day know yours too.

     Get Happy!

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