Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Uniqueness Of You

     Sometimes it drives me to nuts to have the kind of achievements as others have. I long to write the topic they wrote; I long to do the style they have. Yet, no matter how I try I could never achieve their achievements. All because their achievements are theirs alone. They are built to be the kind of persons that they are. While I am of a different category. I am born just to be myself. Whatever I am, this is the business that I alone can fathom.
      I need to follow my own path and do the things my own way. I may meet with so many questions for having the choices I have, or having done the things I do, but this is just me. No one could ever understand me the way I understood myself. Just as I could not question others for what they are because that is just the way they are. This is the uniqueness of each one; the uniqueness that must be discovered and developed. Only one thing kills our uniqueness-comparison. In order for me to focus on my uniqueness, I need to pass through the barrier of comparison. That one day I could say, I did it my way.

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