Friday, August 12, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Fifth Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Five: Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

Do we become strong simply by trying? Or just by thinking? Nope. We become strong when we are tested. We could not be strong by our looks alone. Strength is inherent inside of us. A strong person is the one who has been through life's thick and thin. 
Thus, when we are tested by life's vicissitudes, let us not complain. As long as it is not killing us, let us welcome trying times with open arms, hearts and minds. The actual reality of this event in our lives may be difficult and hard to accept, yet it is in this times that we could grow stronger. 
We always fall when hit by life's strongest slap. As a reaction we have two choices: we could either lie where we fall and cry forever accepting our dreadful fate, or we could choose to stand up, cry for a time for the painfulness of the unexpected event and move on with our lives until time heals it deliberately. If we choose the latter action, we would emerge as victors in life and stronger than ever before. 

Which one would you choose?

Get happy!

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