Thursday, July 28, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Eighth Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Eight: Forgive everyone everything.

One reason why we could hardly move on in our lives is by not forgiving somebody who sinned against us and bringing his/her memories with us wherever we go.

Forgiveness is a virtue very hard to practice. In my lifetime there are countless of people who have caused me pain. Not just pain, but wounds that leave awful scars staining sometimes my relationships with my family and other people around.

To forgive is much easier said than done. But first, before we could have the courage to forgive someone, we need to forgive ourselves first. We need to forgive ourselves for committing the mistake of letting other people hurt us. We need to forgive ourselves for giving our TRUST to someone who is not worthy of it. We need to forgive ourselves for being so naive, so idiot, so innocent and so blind. If we can do that to ourselves, it would be much easier for us to forgive someone. 

When we forgive, we benefit from it more than those people who have hurt us. Because it is our deepest being that is cleansed. When we are able to forgive, our memories are cleaned; our guilt is lessened; our bucket of negative feelings is emptied; and our heart lightened. 

Most sicknesses and diseases are caused due to negative and ill-feelings we harbor in the deepest part of ourselves. This is scientifically proven. Should we wait to get sick before we forgive? Of course, we do not like that. So why wait for it to happen. Forgive now. Ask God's loving guidance that forgiving may not be as difficult as it seems. Forgive and choose life.

Get happy!     

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