Monday, July 25, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Fifth Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Five: No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

Why are you here in this planet?.....
The answers could be varied, but there is one that stands out -- to be happy.

What are the ways to becoming happy?

The answers could be varied too; depending on the mood, lifestyle, environment, experiences, status, age, influences and interests of the person. 

As for me, there is no sure way as to what makes us happy. Because some things can make me happy while to others it could not -- just like sitting in front of the monitor looking outside at the green leaves dancing gracefully with each drop of the rain. Oh, it is so beautiful. And it makes me happy by just watching at the dance of the leaves and the raindrops.

It is where I am happiest the most --when I am with nature. Of course, my family makes me happy; but realistically, sometimes they don't.  Because I just choose to. For I know I am in charge of my own happiness and not anybody else. Sometimes I just allow my family to make me unhappy.
We all want and strive to be happy. I know that. What is the purpose of all our undertakings under the sun if not to be happy in the end. Only that we attach our happiness to the things that we believe could make us happy. This is where the difference lies. This is the reason why misery still exists in our helpless world despite the fact that we all want to be happy.

Sometimes too, we allow circumstances to make us happy. We want these and that to make us happy. In short, we only wait for anything that comes and make us happy. Oh, come on. Let us all wake up to the very fact that we are in charge of our happiness. To be truly happy is not somebody else responsibility. It is ours. Let us allow other people to be busy making themselves happy, while we are also busy making ourselves happy. Let us take that yoke off our neighbor's shoulders. We must carry our own yoke of making ourselves happy because it is our responsibility. 

This is what we should always remember: No one is in charge of our happiness, except us! It is our responsibility. It is our mission. If we are wise enough to follow this lesson, in our small way, we are slowly making a big difference in this beautiful planet of ours. Don't wait. Start now!

Get happy!

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